Plus, it’s time for a game of I Spy!

🍩 How to fight climate change with doughnuts

Plus, it’s time for a game of I Spy!

By Cassie Ruud

It’s Tuesday.

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We got a stacked newsletter for you today: Portlanders’ reactions to Damian Lillard’s picks for the TrailBlazers’ new coach, how close we are as a state to being done with pandemic restrictions, and a new app that wants to solve climate change with doughnuts.

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Let’s go to press. 

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What Portland’s talking about

🏀 Damian Lillard’s picks for who should be the Blazers’ next coach had fans talking. Last week, Lillard told Yahoo Sports he wanted Lakers’ coach Jason Kidd at the helm of the Portland basketball team and his second choice would be former Celtics player Chauncey Billups. This was an unprecedented move and speaks to Lillard’s sway on the team. However, both of Lillard’s coach picks have been accused in the past of alleged abuse off the court, which sparked concern and conversation among Trail Blazer fans over the weekend. By Sunday, Kidd officially withdrew his name from consideration. (Willamette Week / OregonLive)

📈 The Oregon Health Authority announced that social distancing, mask, and capacity regulations will lift when 70% of Oregonians are vaccinated. Right now, just over half of the state has been completely vaccinated against COVID-19. “Multnomah County indicates 68% of its 16+ population had received at least one dose, while 57% were fully vaccinated,” KGW reported, noting that individual counties face unique challenges for vaccination. This could mean that restrictions are lifted by the end of June; however, don’t anticipate things returning to normal. Local restaurants are reconfiguring their layouts and may keep some of the pandemic safety procedures. (OHA / Portland Mercury / KGW / KATU)

Quotable: "The hardest part I’m having is that customers will have to understand that things aren’t going back to the way they used to be in a lot of ways." — Marcus Oliver, owner of Miss Delta to KATU

😋 A new app in PDX wants to solve climate change by combating food waste. Too Good To Go connects you to local restaurants looking to sell off their end-of-day surplus at lower costs and minimize the amount of food they throw away. “Food waste is responsible for some 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and in the United States alone over 30% of the country’s food supply goes to waste,” Portland Monthly reported. Local businesses like Spielman’s Bagels and Coco Doughnuts have signed up to contribute“surprise bags” that are filled with baked goods that might otherwise go to waste. (Portland Monthly / Too Good To Go)

🍵 Pinkies up — the tea cafe at the Portland Japanese Garden is reopening. After being closed because of  the pandemic for over a year, the Umami Cafe reopened a little over a week ago. The cafe is where garden goers can stop and experience traditional Japanese teas and treats, such as Sencha tea and small cakes. An entry fee to visit the garden is required to access the cafe — which is perfect for an after-meal stroll and some mental relaxation. (KOIN / Portland Japanese Garden)

🐱 Life can be all about that jazz if you decide to adopt Gatsby. The flat cap-wearing 3-year-old domestic shorthair cat loves to learn and explore, has a passion for chin and cheek scratches, and will probably show you his favorite toy when you go and meet him. Keep in mind that Gatsby deals with chronic skin problems that flare up from elements in his environment — so be sure your home is set up for this cool little cat. (Oregon Humane Society)

💗 A guide to give back with Equitable Giving Circle

(📸: Courtesy of Equitable Giving Circle)

Did you know that Equitable Giving Circle has a great directory to support Black Indigenous and People of Color businesses here in Portland?

EGC is devoted to helping BIPOC Portlanders and farmers on every level. Which is why it’s so important to help them keep doing what they’re doing.

You can help them help more people by directly supporting them, donating resources, volunteering your time and platforms, attending one of their events, and getting the word out about the great work they do. You can also help EGC support local Black businesses by purchasing one of their curated gift boxes, which are chock full of wonderfulness. You can learn more about what goes into a curated gift box here

This organization is amazing and devoted to helping BIPOC Portlanders directly — let’s keep the good work going.

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😂Crack up with Rose City Rollers & Portland Mercury Present LIVE Comedy shows (Oaks Park Way)

🎀 Watch the beauty and grace of the Oregon Ballet Theatre LIVE in small 2-and-4-person groups (Jordan Schnitzer CARE Summerstage)

🤔 Celebrate PRIDE with Oregon’s Labor Movement with a panel discussion of your rights as a Queer worker (Online)


😂Crack up with Rose City Rollers & Portland Mercury Present LIVE Comedy shows (Oaks Park Way)

🎀 Watch the beauty and grace of the Oregon Ballet Theatre LIVE in small 2-and-4-person groups (Jordan Schnitzer CARE Summerstage)

💃 Have fun with Anna Sinatra at the Siren Theater for Portland Pride and the Gaybaret (Downtown)


🔍 Solve a "murder" with the Dinner Detective, an interactive murder mystery theater show (Pearl)

😂Crack up with Rose City Rollers & Portland Mercury Present LIVE Comedy shows (Oaks Park Way)

🎀 Watch the beauty and grace of the Oregon Ballet Theatre LIVE in small 2-and-4-person groups (Jordan Schnitzer CARE Summerstage)

💖 Experience the Veterans PRIDE Extravaganza with a movie, Q&A, and Drag Queen BINGO (Online)

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That’s all for today folks, catch you back here tomorrow. 

-Cassie at Bridgeliner

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