Plus, it’s time for a game of I Spy!

⚓ A sea shanty-worthy map

Plus, it’s time for a game of I Spy!

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Yesterday was International Women's Day, in addition to March being Women's History Month. But supporting these voices is a year-round endeavor. If you're looking for a starting place, you can peep this list from Travel Portland, and hit reply to this email and send in businesses that could use a shoutout!

For today’s news round-up, we have: Portland city council on police body cameras, a grocery worker’s union is not here for line-cutting, an adorable ‘Walrus’ to adopt, another reason to sing sea shanties, and a very happy birthday to Equitable Giving Circle. 

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3 things to know today 

✂️ A grocery store union has accused Gov. Kate Brown of ‘cutting in line’ for vaccination. Brown was vaccinated over the weekend which the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 555 claim is unfair, since Brown can decide the amount of public contact she has, whereas frontline workers cannot. Currently, Oregonians 65 years and older and educators are eligible for the vaccine — Brown is 60 and not employed as an educator. As of press time, Brown had not responded for comment on this. You can read the rest of the story from KATU here


💵 State lawmakers have allocated $250 million for summer learning and childcare. The package “will create grants for enrichment activities, academic support, child care and early learning programs,” according to a report from KATU. You can get the full breakdown of what money is going where, here

📹 Portland City Council is a mixed bag on police body cameras. KGW interviewed each councilperson and the mayor on why Portland is one of the only large cities that doesn’t require its police department to wear body cameras. Many councilmembers cited budget constraints, while others like councilmember Jo Ann Hardesty have criticized the use in general, looking at research by organizations like Campaign Zero on how to reduce police violence. Hardesty told KGW: “I am reluctant to make an expensive investment in body-worn cameras because they have failed to provide accountability to other police departments and have not reduced police use of force.”

3 things to make you smile / feel curious

🐱 You can adopt a very sweet 17.5-pound ‘Walrus.’ Walrus is a black domestic shorthair cat (we know, the name is a bit of a misnomer), who loves to learn and explore, needs a calm home environment, and will be your new favorite baker with his expert kneading skills. You can see about adopting Walrus here

Listen to sea shanties and look at this shipwreck map for the Graveyard of the Pacific. The mouth of the Columbia River has a long history of swallowing ships attempting to navigate the fraught waters. The Oregonian mapped out 238 of the major shipwrecks along the Oregon and Washington coasts. You can read the rest of the story here.

🍲 ‘Just like Mom used to make’ — five Portland chefs share their family recipes. From Waffle Bánh Xèo to Grandma’s Rolls, to Seitan Fried Chicken and Vegan Mac & Cheese, read their stories behind culinary inspiration and comfort here.

🎁 Happy birthday to Equitable Giving Circle

(📸: Courtesy of Equitable Giving Circle)

Folks, March is Equitable Giving Circle’s birthday month — so why not give the best birthday gift of all and support the great work they are doing?

You can help by directly supporting them, donating resources, volunteering your time and platforms, attending one of their events, and getting the word out about the great work they do. You can also help EGC support local Black businesses by purchasing one of their curated gift boxes, which are chock full of wonderfulness. You can learn more about what goes into a curated gift box here

Also! Keep your eye on their calendar for their upcoming happy hour event!

This organization is amazing and devoted to helping Black, Indigenous, People Of Color in Portland directly — let’s keep the good work going.

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