Plus, Seattle ranks as the most medicated major metro area for mental health conditions

📰 The headlines we’re hoping for in 2022

Plus, Seattle ranks as the most medicated major metro area for mental health conditions

By Hannah Myrick

Hey there, it’s Thursday.

Seattle has a lot of change ahead. We have new leadership in city government, a pandemic to manage, and who knows what other excitement and challenges are coming our way. So keeping all that in mind, we asked you to imagine your wildest dreams and create the headlines of the Seattle you want to live in. 



Here’s what you said:

☀️  Nice, normal weather hits Emerald City for once –@hologramdetective

📱 Seattle implements a new, 3-digit phone number to call for non-police aid –Lilianna C.

🏠 Seattle builds 12k new housing units for unhoused residents, in a large-scale, government-subsidized, rent-to-own program –Lilianna C.

📉 COVID-19 cases plummet, CDC realizes everyone’s already had it. Seattle comes out to play @once_uponadance

🧠 Trauma-infused mental health care services available at all K-12 public schools for students and their families with no charge. –Linda B

🤝 New mayor unifies city council: Downtown Seattle restored to lawfulness and civility –Braiden R. 

⚽ Seattle Reign and the Sounders win the MLS cup –Linda B.

🎊 Zero COVID-19 cases for over three months. Pandemic is officially over. @science_in_seattle

❤️ Seattle’s innovative program “A Home for All” ends homelessness –Cye

👏 What Washington’s one payer medical care system means for Seattlelites — ending health “Insurance” –Cye

If any of these come true, we’ll let you know! But for now, let those visions bounce around your mind while you take a look through the news of the day. below


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What Seattle is talking about

💊 Seattle is the most medicated major metro area for mental health conditions, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In the past four weeks, more than one in five adult Seattleites have taken prescription medication to help with things like their emotions, concentration, and behavior. To break it down even more numerically, that means 21 percent of our city’s adults, about 660,000 in total, are currently taking medications for their mental health. As reported in the Seattle Times, Seattle has also ranked No. 1 for the percentage of residents experiencing depression and anxiety, some of which can be attributed to our long months of cold and dark winters. (Seattle Times)

🏫 The Seattle Public School District offered COVID-19 testing before the return to school this week and of the 14,021 tests administered, 588 came back positive. The school district decided to delay the first day of classes for 2022 while they conducted tests earlier in the week, and those who tested positive were sent home to quarantine for 10 days. (King5)

💸 The International Examiner and South Seattle Emerald are teaming up! With funds from a $50,000 grant from the City of Seattle Human Services Department, they’ll be working together to produce content addressing issues of anti-Asian racism. Both papers are looking for writers, artists, photographers and others to create relevant content through August of this year. At the end of the project they’ll compile all their work into one print tabloid and share it with educators, to incorporate the work into curriculum at schools and colleges. (International Examiner)

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✍️ Join author David Sedaris for a series of “workshop” readings as he puts the finishing touches on his next book happening Jan. 5 thru Jan. 11 (Capitol Hill)

🎤 Try out your stand-up comedy routine at the Blue Moon Tavern's heckle night (University District)


🏛 Join Seattle CityClub as the top leadership from both sides of the aisle of the Washington State Legislature take an in-depth look at the top priorities for the 2022 session (Online)

🤣 Get your laugh on at Seattle Theatresports Improv Comedy at Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater (Downtown)


🎶 Honor the musical legend David Bowie on his birthday with live tunes at the Tractor Tavern(Ballard)

🎵 Listen to original music inspired by the novel “Crying in H Mart”, composed by local musicians and artists (Online)

🎸 Meet fellow Deadheads and sing along to the Grateful Dead’s hits performed by cover band The Golden Road (Ballard)

One more thing…

Looking for ways to beat the winter blues? Well here’s something that might build your excitement.

The Awesome Exhibition – The Interactive Exhibition of LEGO® Models features lifesize versions of an Orca, a Harley Davidson (the first ever!), a 24.5 foot tall NASA SLS Rocket and much more. The exhibit is showing at Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion now through Sunday, Jan. 16. 

And don’t worry, you don’t just have to sit back and observe! As the event page promises, you’ll find stations to build LEGO creations of your own and contribute to a community-built art piece.

You can buy tickets for $20 here, and good news there’s a lot of availability for remaining days.

And with that we’ll see you tomorrow for some weekend recommendations and a look into our crystal ball for Seattle in 2022!

Hannah at The Evergrey 

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