Plus: Seattle’s bike boom continues.
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🍺 Have a beer with the head brewer of Ravenna Brewing Co.

Plus: Seattle’s bike boom continues.

We made it, it’s Friday!

Gonna keep this intro short but will drop this article warning us that we shouldn’t put away our raincoats just yet — duh. Also of note, daylight saving time is this Sunday, so best of luck as you try and regain your sense of time during this pandemic that has destroyed it already.

In this newsletter, we’ve got: A look at the bike boom that’s happening and an interview with Ravenna Brewing Co.’s head brewer, Audra Johansen.

What Seattle is talking about


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Trouble at Dick’s. Former and current employees of the local burger chain submitted formal complaints to the Department of Labor & Industries. Allegations include disregard for COVID measures and an overall unsanitary work environment. A spokesperson for Dick’s released a statement saying they were currently investigating the matter. (Eater Seattle)

Seattle’s bike boom continues. Bike shops across the country saw record sales as folks looked for outdoor activities as the pandemic shut everything down. The bottom line: If you’ve been thinking of pulling the trigger on a new bike, do it now and be prepared for a wait. (The Seattle Times)

(Updated with new information from the BBB) Immerse yourself in the works of Van Gogh. A new virtual reality exhibit says it is coming to Seattle this September. Visitors will get to experience 360-degree projections of the famous artist’s work covering the surrounding walls and ceiling. The exact location for the exhibit hasn’t been announced yet and non-refundable tickets are on sale now — but the Better Business Bureau is urging caution. (KIRO) (Seattle PI)

Have a drink with Ravenna Brewing Co.’s Audra Johansen


Yesterday we introduced a new series called “Have a drink with…” where we have a virtual drink with folks around town who are doing things that we think you ought to know about. In honor of Women’s History Month (and since this new series revolves around drinking), we thought it’d only be fitting for our first guest to be Ravenna Brewing Co.’s new head brewer, Audra Johansen. In case you missed our chat last night you can watch that here on our Instagram page

What's your favorite part about your job?

I really love everything about it. It's creative, iterative, detail-oriented, challenging. This doesn't even account for the fact that every single human that works at Ravenna Brewing is, and I can't stress this enough, just an absolute joy to work with and amazing at their jobs. It's really unbelievable and just a dream.

What's your favorite hidden gem in Seattle?

Carnitas Michoacan in Beacon Hill. 

Where are two places you'd take an out-of-town guest?

Athenian Happy Hour and Big Time Brewery

If you were to give a piece of advice to a newcomer to Seattle, what would it be?

Bike/walk your way around the city (it's smaller geographically than you'd think), and make sure you hit all the neighborhoods; they all have their own quirks and hidden gems.

If you could change anything about Seattle, what would it be?

For sureeeeee the traffic. And/or transit — better public transit.

Who or what are 5 Seattle people or organizations more people should know about?

Real Rent Duwamish, Big Table, Mary's Place, Chief Seattle Club, and Pomelo Seattle.

Ravenna is open Monday through Sunday, follow them on Instagram for updates on new releases.

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That’s it for today

Have an excellent, sunny weekend, and don’t forget to set your clocks ahead. Until next time. 

— Grace at The Evergrey

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