Plus, the “Jeopardy!” contestant doing Pittsburgh proud and a major snowstorm on the way.
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🚎 Here’s the tea on the T’s namesake

Plus, the “Jeopardy!” contestant doing Pittsburgh proud and a major snowstorm on the way.

By The Incline Staff

Hello and welcome to Thursday.

First things first — who watched Jeopardy! last night? If so, you’d have spotted Pittsburger Ally Bove fulfilling her lifelong dream of competing in the game show. Bove is an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences who says she tried to get on the show for 10 years before she finally had the chance to shoot her trivia shot. Head over to CityPaper to read more about why Bove’s obsession started as a little girl; if you want to know more about the outcome of last night’s show, well, you can do that by heading to the Jeopardy! website

Second, there are new co-working spaces coming to Shadyside and The Waterfront. Per NextPittsburgh, Columbus-based company COhatch has plans of opening two new spaces in the ‘Burgh to better support remote workers. It’s got grandiose plans of turning the vacant Talbots on Walnut Street and the Gap store at The Waterfront in Homestead into a full-fledged coworking community. When explaining why COhatch chose Pittsburgh as its next city to expand in, company co-founder and CEO Matt Davis said it was “because of the number of great neighborhoods and the strong support of its local community.” Hey, we can definitely get behind that. 

Third, the biggest snowmaker of the year is likely heading Pittsburgh’s way this weekend. WPXI’s current predictions call for a storm system moving in mid-weekend and dropping a ton of snow on Sunday afternoon through Sunday night. While snowscapes sure are pretty to look at, they’re hard on our unhoused community. Here’s a list of local warming centers that are open to those in need. 

Now, for some Pittsburghpedia….


Last weekend’s snow on the Roberto Clemente Bridge provided for a pretty capture by local photographer Paul Vladuchick. 📸: @vladdythegeek  | Want to see your picture featured here? Tag #theinclinepgh or @theinclinepgh and you could be our next Instagram of the Day.

Pittsburghpedia: The T doesn’t stand for what you think


Pittsburghpedia. The Incline illustration / Flickr image

What’s in a name? Shakespeare posed the question in Romeo and Juliet circa 1600, and before following up the query with a rather poignant response: “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

For the sake of the below feature though, the truth is, not much is in a name for this particular super-Pittsburgh thing after all. 

Ever wondered why we call the T, well, the T? Were you one of the many Pittsburghers who just assumed it stood for trolley? If not, at least something to do with travel or transportation, right? Wrong. The truth is that the T as a name stands for virtually nothing.

Read all about the origin of the name of the popular light-rail system in today’s throwback entry of Pittsburghpedia, The Incline’s version of a local dictionary. It’s basically a handy glossary of words and phrases unique to our city that better help you #talklikeyoulivehere. Once you’ve finished reading about the T, check out all the entries we’re written thus far here

Got a Pittsburgh term you’re curious about? Ask away

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🎟 Remember Betty White and all the gals at “That Golden Girls Show”, a parody with puppets happening at Byham Theater thru Thursday, Jan. 13 (Cultural District

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💃 Dance like nobody’s watching at this silent disco party (Homestead)


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📚 Hear a reading from Emma Riva’s debut novel “Night Shift” in Tamaqua at Riverstone Books (Squirrel Hill)


🍷 Wind down with like-minded ladies at Wine Women Wednesday's at Oasis Taproom (East Liberty)

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