Plus: A spotlight on a few different U District businesses.
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🍖 Yes, you read that right, Seattle has some of the best BBQ...

Plus: A spotlight on a few different U District businesses.

Hey, hey it’s Tuesday. 

You may or may not have seen this discourse play out on Twitter last week, but for the sake of starting off with some light-hearted news today, I wanted to ask you all about it. 

A very questionable ranking of “Best BBQ Cities” from a website called Chef’s Pencil put Seattle at number seven. Something that had everyone — including Seattleites — up in arms. The list did not include any cities in Texas which even garnered a response from politician Julián Castro

It may be unanimously agreed upon that this list is pretty bogus, BUT I do want to know, of the BBQ we do have here, which place is the best or rather your favorite? Reply and let me know so I can both utilize and share this important information.

Read on for the headlines, a new giveaway, and three spotlights on different U District businesses. 

4 things Seattle is talking about

A drive-in drag show? Why not?! 💃|Tag @the_evergrey or use #theevergrey to be featured in our Instagram of the Day. (📸: @pauloutwest

🗣Over the weekend, an estimated 5,000 people gathered downtown to march in solidarity with Palestine after the latest round of violence against Palestinians by Israeli forces. Community educator and DJ, Alia Taqieddin, wrote an Op-Ed in the South Seattle Emerald drawing a connection between what’s happening in Gaza and the fact that we reside on dispossessed Duwamish and Coast Salish lands. (South Seattle Emerald)

🔌When two isn’t better than one. This past legislative session, two bills were passed aimed at expanding public broadband but one is broader than the other and it’s causing confusion. Under the House bill, public entities could serve all customers including those already with access to the internet with a private company. The governor’s office hasn’t offered any clarity, meaning that the courts might need to dictate what comes next. (Crosscut)

🍩For those who are partial to things a lil’ old fashioned … Zuri’s Donutz is coming to Ballard this summer as a pop-up. The business, which has a brick and mortar in Lynwood, specializes in crullers and old fashioneds with flavors like guava and mango chili. (Seattle Met)

💃A different sort of co-op. You’re gonna want to listen to this story of how a group of burlesque and cabaret performers teamed up to create a co-op in the middle of the pandemic. Since the arrival of COVID-19, performers took to the internet like everyone and everything else. After one group heard about a venue with a potentially available stage, three other troupes joined them to form the Seattle Burlesque and Cabaret Co-Op and the rest is history. They hope to open to small groups in the summer. (KUOW)

Three U District spotlights

Photo courtesy of the Neighborhood Farmers Markets

We know we’re barely scratching the surface with our spotlight of the U District neighborhood, so that’s why we’re giving you a three-for-one today and briefly highlighting three businesses in the neighborhood. Then on Thursday, we’re “Having a drink with” the University District Food Bank over on our Instagram page at 4 p.m.

U District Farmers Market — The University District farmers market is not only the oldest in the city, but it’s also the largest. It was started back in 1993 by a small group of volunteers who wanted to create a market to support local family farms. Janet Hurt, the Neighborhood Farmers Market program coordinator, 

  • How the markets have navigated the pandemic: “During the pandemic, we had to close the markets completely for a number of weeks, and then carefully reopen with considerable restrictions. In order to offer alternative opportunities for farmers and our shoppers, we started an online pre-pay/pick up option, which is still growing strong even as the regular market slowly takes steps to expand to normal capacity.”
  • One thing people should know about the market that they don’t already: “More than any other market in the city, the University District is where you can find the farmer themselves. With multiple markets on the same day, farmers have staff that assist, but many of the most tenured market farmers prioritize coming to the Universality District personally because of the devoted community.”

Burke Museum — The oldest museum in the state, the Burke Museum is dedicated to natural history, or as Andrea Godinez, the museum’s PR and marketing manager says, “we cover basically anything that has ever lived at any time.” Here’s what else Godinez had to say:

  • How the museum has navigated the pandemic:  “During the pandemic, we've switched from doing in-person programming to digital, online live programming, which has been going really well; we created a resource called work from home, where people are able to access online the activities and videos of the work that typically happens in the collections and some galleries”
  • One thing people should know about the museum that they don’t already: “I really love the fact that like you can come in with your own curiosities and your own questions and your own experiences, and really use the visible collections and workrooms to spark your own curiosity and your own understanding of the world and really take from it what you personally would like to have.”

The Grand Illusion — We, unfortunately, couldn't get a hold of them before press time but that doesn't diminish its mark on the neighborhood. This small theatre is the longest-running independent cinema in the city. According to its website, it opened in 1968 by Randy Findley in what used to be a dentist’s office. It was the city’s first art-house and the theatre continues to show foreign and revival films today. 

Another opportunity to win!

Congratulations to our lucky readers, (Lauren T., Lauren M., and Jenny B.) for winning a pint of Opera-tunity Knocks, a limited edition coffee ice cream inspired by Fuji Bakery’s Opera Cake, chocolate ganache and Fuji Bakery’s ladyfingers. Drooling yet? Get a pint here and don’t forget to recommend your favorite AAPI-owned businesses for your chance to win more goodies from Intentionalist.

If you’re bummed you missed out on this giveaway, don’t be! We’ve got another one for you with the Neighborhood Farmers Market. Now that you know a little more about the U District farmers market, we figured you might enjoy this U District tote bag and some Farm Bucks to spend.

Enter here to win a tote and $10 in Farm Bucks that can be used at any of the farmers markets. 


🗣Join artist Gary Simmons and LANGSTON program manager Jazmyn Scott for a conversation on how their passions for music are at the center of their creative and community practices (Online)

📖Join the Wing Luke Museum for a virtual book party for Frank Abe and Tamiko Nimura's new graphic novel "We Hereby Refuse" (Online)


🗳Hear from some of Seattle's Mayoral candidates in MLK Labor's forum (Online)

📈Join local tech leaders for a deeper look at effective strategies to address racial inequities internally at companies and out in the community.(Online)


🎵 Celebrate Northwest Folklife's 50th Anniversary with an evening of music and bingo (Online)

🍽Join FareStart for their second edition of Guest Chef Night at Home Series with Melissa Miranda and Rachel Yang (Online)

📣Support Pike Place Market's vendors by tuning into this virtual rally which will feature music from the Black Tones and Brandi Carlile (Online)


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✊Stream this webinar celebrating AAPI Heritage Month "Asian American Women Rising: NOT the model minority" (Online)


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One more thing...

Do you know a graduating college senior? Our next event with Civic Commons will take a look at different aspects of what recovery might look like post-pandemic. As a part of that, we want to explore how graduating college students are feeling, embarking on post-grad life after a year that turned everything upside down.

We've created a Google Form that we'd love for graduating college students to fill out to help us get a better idea of how they're feeling. It shouldn't take too long and it'll help us out a lot!

Alright, we’ll be back tomorrow.

— Grace at The Evergrey

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