Plus, the latest in DJ Khaled content, and a sunny place for shady people spreads its shadow across the pond.
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😮 A twist-filled tale of Publix chicken tender subs

Plus, the latest in DJ Khaled content, and a sunny place for shady people spreads its shadow across the pond.

Welcome to Friday Jr., folks.

Much like a Publix Chicken Tender sub — at least if you order them the way I do — we’ve got an absolutely stuffed newsletter for you today. Anarchy in the U.K. … and its dealings with Miami businessmen; a promising new Miami Beach park; a trip to Overtown’s past; and more!

It’s yet another one in a series of notable New Tropic newsletters. See for yourself...

💧 What Miami is talking about 

Honestly, no combination of words could improve on this sunset — sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. 🌇 | Want to see your own picture in this space? Tag either #thenewtropic or @thenewtropic to be featured in our Instagram of the Day. (📸: @where_it_takes_you_)

🙏 There may be hope yet for a beloved Twitter account dedicated to documenting Publix Chicken Tender Sub sales. The account — the appropriately named “Are Publix Chicken Tender Subs On Sale?” or @PubSubs_on_sale — has had a whirlwind few days after an article shared that the grocery store chain took issue with the profile’s titular mission statement. According to the story, the Twitter handle belongs to Bryan Dickey, a 26-year-old graduate of the University of Central Florida.

“Are Publix Chicken Tender Subs On Sale?” had been silent since March, apparently due to Publix’s beef (see what we did there?) with Dickey notifying people via text when they could score chicken tendies on the cheap.

However, after the piece went viral, the account sprang back to life with an ornate emoji display, a message of gratitude, and yes, a notice that CT subs were on sale. With that said, it’s still uncertain whether or not the regional favorite will remain on the online content menu for Dickey.

After a year of largely — how do we put this delicately — brain-breaking headlines, we’re thankful to be able to share stories as utterly Florida and goofy as this one. ☀️

In other news... 

♿️ Miami Beach is pursuing a new public park designed specifically to be enjoyed by people living with disabilities. Last week the city shared its plans for Adaptive Oceanside Park, a project that will refurbish Beach View Park on Collins Ave. with extensive new amenities meant to be accessible to anybody. The plan is for the park to open next summer, and it was made possible in part by the efforts of local disability-rights activist Sabrina Cohen. (Miami Herald)

📰 Today in distinctly 2021 stories: The British edition of GQ magazine has published a feature trying to figure out how a Miami jewelry designer was awarded at least £271 million by the UK government to provide PPE. Michael Saiger gave his first interview to the publication detailing his version of how he pivoted away from his jewelry company Miansai to promising to procure pandemic supplies for our neighbors across the pond. The article is riddled with twists and turns, winding its way through English society and all the way back to the Magic City’s courts. It’s the kind of lengthy, thoughtful investigative piece that journalism doesn’t produce enough of these days. You can read it for yourself — as well as a 2019 profile of Saiger in Forbes — by clicking the following links. ➡️ (British GQ / Forbes)

🗓 Throwback Thursday: Revisiting Overtown’s Mary Elizabeth Hotel

The New Tropic is teaming up with HistoryMiami Museum to explore the 305’s past on #ThrowbackThursdays. (📸: @thenewtropic)

Welcome to the latest edition of #ThrowbackThursday, The New Tropic’s weekly spotlight on the people, places, and phenomena of Miami’s past.

Starting today, we’re teaming up with HistoryMiami Museum to showcase the 305 of yesteryear. The Downtown institution does invaluable work in not only preserving Miami’s heritage, but sharing it with residents so we can better know where we came from. The New Tropic shouted out HistoryMiami out in a recent #TBT for its work digitizing Florida’s aviation history; luckily for both readers and for us, the museum was nice enough to dig into its archives.

For today’s installment, we’re turning back the clock and checking into one of Overtown’s bygone hotels…

A photo of The Mary Elizabeth Hotel taken on November 25, 1981. (📸: Miami News Collection, HistoryMiami)

🏨 The Mary Elizabeth Hotel in Overtown hosted a number of luminaries in its day. Distinguished guests included Jackie Robinson, author Zora Neale Hurston, and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall!

The Mary Elizabeth Hotel was built in 1921 by Dr. William B. Sawyer, although the day-to-day business operations were actually overseen by his wife, Alberta Sawyer. This was unusual for the time, as women were not generally expected to operate as hotel managers during that period. According to reports, the Mary Elizabeth was the largest building in Overtown while it stood; it featured 90 rooms and was three stories tall. Many Black American artists and musicians, such as Marian Anderson, lodged in Overtown because they were denied the right to stay in other places. Although their performances might have taken place in other parts of town, legalized racial segregation kept Black Americans confined to places like the Mary Elizabeth Hotel during their visits. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. is known to have held numerous conferences there as well, and is reported to have been accommodated in room fifty-one. 

The Mary Elizabeth Hotel was located at NW 2nd Avenue and 7th Street. It closed its doors for the last time nearly four decades ago in 1983. 

Can’t wait until next week to learn more Miami history? Be sure to follow HistoryMiami Museum on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can plan your own visit and learn more about its array of exhibits and programming at

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🎉 Celebrate Miami-based artists and their work

Come together to honor the dance, music and theater projects created by 18 local artists and art organizations in 2020.  

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☝️ One more thing… 

South Floridian @ClassiestQueen made me feel extremely seen with her tweet about reacting ridiculously when you recognize a new song’s original sample. As anyone who’s seen me — Zach, the person who’s usually trying to sneak as many music references as possible in to this newsletter 😜 — freak out on a dance floor can attest, I really don’t look all that different from DJ Khaled when esoteric and debatably useful music trivia floods my brain. 🔑

Speaking of Miami’s favorite musically inclined big boy, he’s got a new album out tomorrow: Khaled Khaled. We invite you to refresh yourself on the man, the myth, the legend by reading Infatuation Miami editor Ryan Pfeffer’s definitive DJ Khaled profile and re-watching the incredible music video for “I’m On One.”

We the best,

Zach at The New Tropic

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