Plus: You too can be a movie star (kinda).
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Plus: You too can be a movie star (kinda).

It’s Thursday, folks.

It’s also April 1st, which means it’s April Fools' Day and it also just so happens to be Opening Day for the Mariners. 

Rather than going on a long monologue about the disappointment and pain of being a Mariners fan, I’ll just say how excited I am to go get back to Safeco — er T-Mobile Park — and enjoy some garlic fries with an absurdly expensive beer. If anyone is headed to the game tonight, share your pics with The Evergrey on Instagram!

Today we’ve got a piece on some of the best pranks pulled in Seattle over the years, so keep on reading. 

The greatest pranks in Seattle's history

One of the underwater billboards Ivar's "discovered." (Photo courtesy of Joe Mabel via Flickr) | Tag @the_evergrey or use #theevergrey to share your photos.

Today is April Fool’s and in honor of the day of tomfoolery, we’re highlighting three of the best pranks local companies/folks have pulled off throughout the decades. 

🤘 The lexicon of Grunge. 

Back when grunge music catapulted Seattle into the national eye, a New York Times reporter called the record label Sub Pop for a story on the culture of grunge. Founder of Sub Pop Jonathan Poneman was sick of fielding these sorts of requests, so he decided to let the recently laid-off receptionist of the label, Megan Jasper, handle it. Jasper, who is now the CEO of the company, decided to have some fun with the NYT reporter thinking someone in the editorial process would spot the slew of nonsense that she was about to spew. No one did. And so Jasper’s “lexicon of grunge” was published in the NYT and would live on as one of the greatest pranks to have ever been pulled in grunge. You can find the lexicon of words here, they’re pretty fun in our opinion. That is if you’re not a complete cob nobbler.  (KNKX)

🌊 A prank that paid tribute to one of the greatest local pranksters of all. 

Back in 2009, Ivar’s pulled off a prank that would fool basically the entire city. In a stunt that would make the company’s founder Ivar Haglund smile in his grave, the restaurant planted a large underwater billboard that they hired a team to create and “uncover.” The company claimed that the billboard was a part of Haglund’s plan to install a series of them underwater, thinking that in the future Seattleites would be traveling by submarine. They even had documents faked on a computer and the respected Seattle historian Paul Dorpat to lend the whole stint legitimacy. As they say, “keep clam and carry on.”  (The Seattle Times)

😨 Sending all of Seattle into a panic. 

The sketch show, “Almost Live!” — which you should check out if you haven’t already — scared the city on April 1, 1989, when they announced that the Space Needle had collapsed. In the middle of its regular programming, an actor they hired, interrupted the show for a “special report” that the landmark had fallen. They even created a fake scene that helped sell the whole thing. Despite the date being put at the top of the screen and members of the cast showing up in the bit, people really panicked. According to the show’s host, so many people called 911 that it shut it down. (KING)

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One more thing …

Good news for anyone looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Director Steven Soderbergh’s new film “Kimi,” starring Zoë Kravitz, is set in Seattle and is looking for extras. The film has already started production, filming in L.A. but will come up to Seattle to film some of “the bigger scenes” at the end of the month. Find out how to get involved with the film here

And don’t forget our IG Live with MOHAI’s executive director, Leonard Garfield happening at 3:30 p.m. today! Head over as we chat about the museum’s reopening and more. 

Catch you all tomorrow. 

— Grace at The Evergrey

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