Plus, having a hard time finding sauerkraut? You’re not the only one.

💌 Katherine Chew Hamilton’s love letter to Bui Tofu

Plus, having a hard time finding sauerkraut? You’re not the only one.

By Cassie Ruud

It’s Thursday. 

We hope you brought your appetite to the table folks, because we’re serving you a cheese-pull, ‘Gram-worthy scoop of Portland’s tastiest food news, and sending you down the line for the rest of the cookout buffet for further delectable morsels. 

This newsletter will leave you curious about some new places to try and inform you on what’s going on in the Portland food scene. 

So what are you waiting for? Stick a fork in it — it’s ready. 

📰 What Portland’s snacking on 

This newsletter is a combination of ingredients you wouldn’t think go together but are magic in your mouth — just like this buterbrod spread from Kachka. Tag #bridgeliner to be featured here. (📸: @cassieniscient)

➡️ Nabisco’s owner has threatened legal action against the baker’s union. The snack company sent a letter to the union on Aug. 31 and said it would take them to court if they didn’t stop interfering with plant operations. Strikers have made a rotating picket line, blocking supply ingredients from entering the plant via Union Pacific trains, and the unionized railcar workers have honored the bakers’ line. Mondelez, the company that owns Nabisco, alleges that the union has damaged company property among other claims and called the labor dispute “unlawful conduct.” The letter also addressed the fact that the strike has successfully impacted the plant’s production. (Willamette Week)​​

🍢 Bui Tofu is a Portland institution — and this is Katherine Chew Hamilton’s love letter to them. The shop has been around since the late ‘90s, dishing up Vietnamese-style tofu in various iterations, from soft to firm to fried, in addition to orange sticky rice with jackfruit and banh cuon: silky rice flour crepes stuffed with ground pork and wood ear mushrooms. Got a favorite tofu dish? Hit reply to this email and share away. (Portland Monthly)

🍳 Stumped on where to snag brunch this weekend? We got you covered. From Kimura Toast Bar with its thick slices of Japanese milk bread layered with sharp white cheddar to truly mouthwatering bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast tacos served up at Matt’s BBQ Tacos — there’s inspiration aplenty on this list. ➡️ (Willamette Week

🍕 The minds behind Crown Paella are turning their attention to pizza. When husband-and-wife team Emily and Scott Ketterman opened their paella-themed catering business 10 years ago, they made a splash in the Portland food scene. But apparently, pizza was on Scott’s mind the whole time. And this month, that dream is about to come true in the form of Pizza Kat — which will dish up Pacific Northwestern-style pies crafted from naturally leavened dough. The restaurant is slated to open mid September on West Burnside. (EaterPDX)

😋 Speaking of pizza, you gotta check out these super thick pies from No Saint. Like, no fooling, these crusts are all about the square-cut, bringing an airy-yet-chewy quality to the table. This recipe is affectionately known as “grandma-style pizza” and was developed by two Italian Americans from upstate New York (though none of their grandmas actually made pizza), according to owners Gabriella Casabianca and Anthony Siccardi. (Portland Monthly

🌭 Wondering why it’s been hard to find some good kraut for your hot dog? You and this Portland redditor both — and the answer is that the two heat waves that burned through the PNW messed up a LOT of local produce. Cabbage for sauerkraut wasn’t the only vegetable impacted; Walla Walla sweet onions and other fresh greens took a wallop as well. Add to that a shortage of jars and lids, and there you have it. (Portland Subreddit)

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