Plus: There’s an election going on that YOU can vote in.
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🍕Why is New Jersey judging Seattle’s pizza?

Plus: There’s an election going on that YOU can vote in.

It’s hump day...

And wow, a lot of you had thoughts on my little game of two truths and a lie! I am pleased to report that we had several people answer correctly — I did not go to Roosevelt High School. I attended Bainbridge High School across the water, but we were in the Metro League so we played all the Seattle schools.

Quite a few of you did not believe that my first job was being the Ivar’s Clam which is understandable, it is a bit too on the nose — er… on the shell. But alas I was, and have photo evidence to prove it:

That also means I ran into Felix Hernandez at the driving range during golf camp at Interbay — but that’s a story for another newsletter. 😉

Scroll on for information on an election you can vote in right now, a Twitter feud about Seattle pizza, and for Evergrey Extra members — the answer to our trivia question.

What Seattle is talking about

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Did you know ... there’s an election going on right now that you can vote in? Thanks to reader, Lauren V. for writing in asking for some coverage of the election. 

➡️ What’s the election for? An open seat on the five-member King Conservation District Board of Supervisors. 

➡️ What do the King Conservation District and Board of Supervisors even do? 

KCD helps those in King County manage their natural resources. All landowners within KCD’s service area are entitled to free information and technical assistance for a number of different things related to resource management.

The all-volunteer board oversees KCD’s operations, budget, and sets policy. Three of the five members are elected and two are appointed by the Washington State Conservation Commission. 

➡️ Who’s running? Eight candidates are vying for the open seat. You can read their statements here.

➡️ How do I vote? Providing you reside in KCD’s service area which includes all of unincorporated King County — you can vote online or by mail through March 23.

In other news...

A viral pizza fight. Here’s the lowdown: someone posted a photo of a slice of pizza from Breezy Town and an official Twitter account for New Jersey retweeted it saying “this is not pizza this a cry for help.” What ensued was a public discourse that asked what constitutes a Chicago-style pizza, whether Seattle pizza sucks or not, and a defense of Breezy Town’s pizza. (Eater Seattle)

Ever wanted to try Moldovan food? Now you can, at Belltown’s Me Dor which is the first Moldovan restaurant in Seattle and, what the owner claims, is the first in the entire western half of the country. (Seattle PI)

The Showbox’s manager is buying her laid-off employees, groceries. Like every other music venue, the Showbox was forced to close its doors because of the pandemic. Since then, Shannon Welles, the venue’s assistant general manager has been working to raise funds to buy her groceries for her employees. Right now, you can buy a “Friends of the Showbox” mask and support Welles’ efforts.  (The Seattle Times)

Fighting British Columbia’s pipelines to the last mile

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s rescue of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion after activists pressured an American company to abandon the project was the target of nationwide protests. This shot was taken at a protest in Victoria. (Photo: Climate Justice Victoria.) 

InvestigateWest's latest story from their Getting to Zero: Decarbonizing Cascadia series, takes a look at the Indigenous activists leading the fight to stop the expansion of oil and natural gas exports in B.C.

Read the whole story on our website. 

By Braela Kwan / InvestigateWest

Mike McKenzie felt that he had to leave his home. He says he was no longer welcome in Skeetchestn, a community in central British Columbia west of Kamloops that’s one of 17 reserves in Secwepemc Nation. Three years later, he’s still not home. 

His uprooting was by choice, but not by preference. McKenzie said he felt compelled to leave due to tensions around his outspoken opposition to the Trans Mountain expansion project, which is building a second pipeline to pump heavy oil from Alberta’s tar sands to a tanker terminal near Vancouver. 

Opposition comes with conflict since the project has also amassed considerable support within Secwepemc Nation. Some elected chiefs representing Secwepemc reserves say its environmental risks are manageable, and four signed long-term agreements for shared benefits between their communities and the pipeline. Meanwhile, some of the more traditional leaders within First Nations are opposed.

McKenzie and other Indigenous opponents of the Trans Mountain pipeline comprise the vanguard of a network of eco-activists, local governments, economists and lawyers fighting new pipeline infrastructure under construction in British Columbia.  Opponents decry how two new pipelines — the Trans Mountain expansion and a natural gas pipeline farther north, Coastal GasLink — will lock in decades of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and, they say, compromise Indigenous land rights.

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One more thing …

Here’s what I’ve been cooking/listening to/watching. Send recs or just tell me what you’ve been consuming!

🍴 Cooking: Salmon cakes with brown rice and quinoa (Here's a recipe that provided some inspiration)

📺 Watching: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

🎧 Song on repeat: Lala Lala, Grapetooth — “Fantasy Movie”

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Catch you tomorrow. ✌️

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