Plus, fun events this weekend.
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💖 Into the weird: What Portland Weirdness means to you

Plus, fun events this weekend.

It’s Wednesday.

And you know what that means: Today we’re getting a little weird with you. For the month of February — and perhaps longer if you all enjoy this — we are introducing “Weird Wednesdays.”

Each Wednesday, we are going to highlight and celebrate elements of Portland’s wonderful weirdness, in collaboration with the amazing folks at Weird Portland United

Last week we kicked things off with an interview with the Unipiper on the long history of Portland’s weirdness — which you can read here

Today, we are highlighting the things YOU, my fellow Portlanders, feel are wonderfully weird here in Stumptown. 

So grab your roller skates and funky paints — it’s time to get weird.

💖 What Portlanders love about our city’s weirdness

What Portlanders love about our weird city. (🎨: Bridgeliner illustration)

“I learned about the Peculiarium from this newsletter, I think in early Fall of 2020? I bought a birthday box for my friend's 40th that was PERFECT. I'd never heard of the Peculiarium, nor have I been to the physical location before, and I'm so glad I learned about it because what a treasure that needs to be kept afloat! I would love a deep dive into that specific shop, or other 'weird' shops that cater or specialize in weird things.” — Marisa M. 

The light bulb store. I don't remember its name but all it sells is various types of light bulbs. It's just the epitome of weird.” — Abby F. 

Hot DOG it gets weird around here. (📸: Bridgeliner)

“It’s not a classic feature I am thinking of, but the amazing vibe of acceptance which stems from celebrating uniqueness. My child is 12 and she and her friends are constantly experimenting with hair colors, styles of dress (currently Victorian), and have the most amazing open mindedness. Their free thinking and willingness to accept each other no matter their gender or sexual orientation is inspiring, and I think that it has been fostered by the free thinking community that Portland is.” — M.S.  

Weird, but staying safe. (📸: Mary Anne Cassin)

“I love how this city can feel like a choose-your-own-adventure novel. Especially pre-pandemic. You can start off just looking for some great coffee and the next thing you know, you've walked six blocks, found the coffee, discovered a ramen shop you've never been to, done your grocery shopping at the farmers market, and wound up in an old-fashioned hat shop. The walkability and intrigue of Portland is a subtle part of its weirdness I'll always appreciate.” — Cassie R.  

For more weird Portland photos and to contribute to our next Weird Wednesday, follow this link.

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Wednesday, February 17

😆 Laugh it up — it’s Quarantine Comedy (Online)

Thursday, February 18

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