Plus, I Spy location revealed!

🧀 This PDX vegan cheese shop wants you to say “no whey” to dairy

Plus, I Spy location revealed!

By Cassie Ruud

It’s Thursday. 

And if you brought the dipping sauces then we’ve got the fixings, because today’s newsletter is all that and a bag of chips. 

We’re telling you all about the latest Stumptown food news, from the upcoming closure of Paley’s Place to why you should really give The Soop’s BLT a shot. 

Got your napkin ready and your elbows off the table? Perfect, let’s chow down. 

📰 What Portland’s snacking on

Today’s newsletter is perfectly fried and incredibly flaky — just like these fish and chips from Horse Brass Pub. Tag #bridgeliner to be featured here. (📸: Cassie Ruud)

➡️ Paley’s Place, a PDX food scene pioneer, will close after Thanksgiving. After dishing up farm-to-table and hyper-local ingredient-filled dishes to Portlanders for more than a quarter of a century, owners Chef Vitaly Paley and wife Kimberly announced they’ll be retiring. Over the years, Vitaly won multiple awards for his cooking, including a James Beard award and Iron Chef America. With the ups and downs of the pandemic hitting Portland’s food scene particularly hard, the Paleys realized they wanted to prioritize spending more time together and decided to retire. (KGW / Willamette Week)

Quotable: “We'll wait for whomever wants to take this on. It's going to be important for us to pass it on into the right hands.” — Vitaly Paley placing the building Paley's Place was housed in up for sale.

🧀 This Portland vegan cheese shop wants to make dairy irrelevant. Cultured Kindness is coming for the dairy industry in more wheys than one. Operating out of the old Food Fight! Vegan grocery location, this shop makes over 600 different kinds of vegan cheeses from a cashew base, with flavors ranging from a smoky gouda to peppercorn brie. What sets them apart is how close their cashew cheeses taste compared to the real thing. To create the distinctive funky flavor, owner Justin Miller ferments blended organic cashews with fructooligosaccharides and ascorbic palmitate — cultures found in dairy cheeses like mozzarella, cheddar, and feta — for 24 hours. This results in a much tangier depth of flavor by mimicking the traditional cheese aging process. (EaterPDX)

🍫 Swap your superstore-brand sweets for these tasty PDX Halloween treats. Portland Monthly took the time to round up 10 local Stumptown candymakers for you to consider as you stock up for All Hallow’s Eve — ranging from Seven Chocolate Set with their chakra-clearing chocolates to these slightly creepy cocoa baby heads from Mystic Chocolate Baby Heads. (Portland Monthly)

😋 Craving some soul-satisfying fare? Here’s a list of Portland’s best spots for soul food. Although the term originated in the ‘60s, soul food goes back further to the African diaspora, the transatlantic slave trade, and early Black foodways. And these local restaurants are paying homage to that history with food spots like VeraJames Kitchen dishing up fried catfish and peach cobbler six days a week to Everybody Eats PDX with their fried turkey wings drenched in gravy. You can find the full list through the link. ➡️(EaterPDX)

🍂 Casa Zoraya has the perfect fall patio waiting for you and your pals. And be ready to feast on some delicious and authentic Peruvian food while you’re enjoying the crisp autumn air, like their ceviche carretillero and locro de zapallo (squash stew), as well as a traditional corn-based drink they make called chicha morada. (Portland Mercury

🌱 You actually won’t find any soup at The Soop, but you will find deliciousness. This plant-filled, microgreen-focused restaurant is named after the Korean word for “forest” and is serving up thick BLTs, crunchy kimchi, and house made bibimbap over on Burnside. Also! All the microgreens are grown in-house with a hydroponics setup, making these dishes extra fresh. (Willamette Week / The Soop)

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MEMBER: 🤔 I Spy location revealed!

Did you guess correctly? (📸: Cassie Ruud)

Shoot, looks like I’ve got a LOT of writing to do.

Shoutouts to the following spies for figuring out this week’s location: 

Marisa M., Suzanne V., Don W., Daniel K., Nicole M., Mika N., Brian R., Greg H., and Stacy M. all correctly guessed Horse Brass Pub! (Sidebar, Marisa, Greg, and Stacy, I’m gonna need you to send over a few details about what you like to get up to before I can send along your weekend guides). 

I was able to snap this while I was out with my buddy Jake last week and we got some top tier fish and chips and Scotch eggs — definitely recommended for any fans of British pub fare. 

Sheer fried-egg-and-sausage delightfulness. (📸: Cassie Ruud)

So for the rest of you, I’ll be slapping together these weekend guides and sending those out in the next couple of days, sound good? 

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That’s all for today folks. I hope we left you with a full stomach of Portland food news and a desire to support our local culinary community. Catch you here tomorrow. 

-Cassie at Bridgeliner

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