Plus: What you need to know about the new COVID-19 strain.
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👨We thought you should know ‘Bean Dad’ is from Seattle

Plus: What you need to know about the new COVID-19 strain.

Hey! It’s Wednesday.

Fun fact: “Bean Dad” is from Seattle. In case you missed it, over the weekend Seattle musician John Roderick tweeted an absurd thread describing how he refused to show his 9-year-old daughter how to open a can of beans. Roderick went on to describe the six-hour ordeal and how it was a teachable moment in subsequent tweets that lit the internet aflame and won him the name of “Bean Dad.” 

There’s a lot to unpack with this whole situation, but I will just say the whole “teachable moment” thing he pulled is a very real dad move. I vividly remember being a young teen getting the whole family lost in Paris. My father insisted I find this flea market we wanted to go to with just a tourist map and the kindness of strangers. It was then when I learned I was born without a sense of direction. I can’t say there weren’t tears. 

Roderick issued an apology yesterday for the controversial tweet and for past tweets that revealed racist, homophobic language. 

All this to say, thanks Bean Dad for making the first viral moment of 2021 “local news.” 

Anyway, let’s get on to that news!

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What Seattle is talking about

Gov. Inslee announces a one-week extension of statewide restrictions. The "Stay Safe—Stay Healthy" proclamation will now expire on Jan. 11. Inslee also announced a phased reopening plan based on geographic region rather than county. (Associated Press)

Rainier Valley’s Black and Tan Hall is a little closer to becoming reality. Co-founders Benjamin Hunter, Tarik Abdullah, and Rodney Herold along with other community partners secured the funding to turn a vacant theater into a community hub in Hillman City. The city’s Equitable Development Initiative provided $1.2 million in funding to make the purchase. The hall gets its name from a club that operated in the International District and saw performances by Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. (The Seattle Times)

Fred Hutch needs volunteers who’ve tested positive for COVID-19. Before the vaccine reaches the number of people it needs to achieve herd immunity, thousands of people will contract the virus. One physician at Fred Hutch is running trials on different therapies to see which are the most effective treatments. More information on the trials and eligibility can be found on their site. (South Seattle Emerald)

New year, new minimum wage, same pandemic woes. As of Jan. 1, the final group of employers must comply with Seattle’s $15 minimum wage, which has been phased in since 2014. Some workers will see a pay boost of $1.50 an hour, but due to the pandemic, any positives are largely overshadowed by the large unemployment rates and struggle for small businesses to keep their doors open. (KUOW)

What you need to know about the new COVID-19 variant. Debora Fuller, a professor of microbiology at the UW Department of Medicine explains why it’s not a surprise that the virus has evolved. Fred Hutch epidemiologist Trevor Bedford predicts it will become the dominant variant in the U.S. by March and that it’ll be more contagious but not as much as some estimates. (GeekWire)

Here are the top-trending pet names of 2020 in Seattle. Nationwide, names like Covi, Rona, and Fauci proved popular pet names. In Seattle though, the most popular male dog and cat names were Charlie and Oliver and for female dogs and cats both were Luna. Other popular names included Baker, Rainier, and Tesla. (Seattle PI)

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A new study has ranked Seattle as one of the best cities in the U.S. to live without a car. Your newsletter editor and the rain beg to differ.

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