Plus, birria empanadas, tasty salads, and much more.
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🍷 Downtown Miami gets a new natural wine bar

Plus, birria empanadas, tasty salads, and much more.

By Geoffrey and Dianne at Miami Food Pug

Happy Monday, everyone – Miami Food Pug here, back for our latest New Tropic takeover. 

After a three-week break due to the July 4th holiday, we’re back in your inbox with food news and recommendations galore. As always, there’s a lot to cover, so let’s get to it. 

🐶 What Miami Food Pug is talking about 

The birria empanadas from Sofia's Empanadas are your new favorite snack. | Want to see your own picture in this space? Tag either #thenewtropic or @thenewtropic to be featured in our Instagram of the Day. (📸: @miamifoodpug

What’s new in the Miami food scene?

Everything lol. But seriously, so much has happened in just a few weeks. One of the biggest developments: the arrival of Margot in Downtown Miami. The long-awaited natural wine bar from Bar Lab (the team behind Broken Shaker) is set to open any day now (and may already be open by the time you read this). The wine list features over 75 selections alongside low-ABV cocktails, so repeat visits are a must. Jimmy Lebron of 27 Restaurant is leading the kitchen, which is serving up snacks like tuna tiradito and salmon crudo. 

Another big announcement is Miami Worldcenter’s first restaurant tenants. Next year, two Chicago eateries — Maple & Ash Steakhouse and Etta — will be making the trek to Downtown Miami. Joining them will be two new concepts from Miami’s own Michael Beltran (Ariete). Beltran will be opening a French brasserie-style eatery called Laurel as well as a high-end cigar bar named El Vecino. 

Eaten something good lately?

YES. Sorry for yelling, but we can’t contain our excitement about Sofia’s Empanadas. The delivery/pickup concept is all about homemade Argentine-style empanadas. While empanadas are a dime a dozen in Miami, we’ve found Sofia’s creations to be a cut above the rest. 

What really sold us were her birria empanadas. You know those dipping tacos that are all the rage on social media? She managed to turn them into juicy empanadas packed with flavor; the dipping sauce was so good that we almost chugged it on its own. Right now, they’re only available on weekends so get your order in. Sidenote: She also has PIZZA EMPANADAS!

Where can I get a good salad?

With Miami’s food scene showing no signs of slowing down, dining out can add up — especially on the scale. Balance is important, so we’re always seeking lighter options to offset all the pizza, tacos, and cocktails. If you’re looking to up your salad intake, head on over to Ruby Dee’s in MIA Market for one of the best. 

Chef Daniel Roy (ex-Matador Room) has put together a salt roasted beet salad that will blow your mind. Made up of walnuts, goat cheese, local greens, strawberries and balsamic dressing, it’s just layers upon layers of flavors. For some protein, you can also add shrimp. Got any other salad recommendations? Send them to

What’s something new you've noticed about one of your favorite places?

When we go to a restaurant, it’s usually to eat. But on our latest visit to Tinta y Cafe in Miami Shores, we also read. We had always noticed there was a bookshelf there, but had never really paid it much attention beyond a passing glance. What a mistake that proved to be.

We found an eclectic mix of reading materials on the shelf, including the screenplay for The Green Mile, the V for Vendetta graphic novel, a book about optical illusions, and an unauthorized history of Saturday Night Live. These literary additions were a nice touch and help foster the spot’s no-cyber-zombie environment. Lesson learned: The next time you visit your favorite restaurant, take a moment to really take in the sights. 

Working on any cool stories?

Summers in Miami are known for two things: sun and rain. Over at Dish Miami, we wrote a piece on places with covered outdoor dining. So if you’re looking for a nice, non-sweltering dining experience, we’ve got you covered — literally and figuratively. 

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🐕 Hasta later

Bye-bye — see you back here in a few weeks.

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