Plus: There’s a shortage of lifeguards in Seattle.
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🆘 Surviving on SpaghettiOs alone

Plus: There’s a shortage of lifeguards in Seattle.

By Grace Madigan

Happy Friday!

We’re getting right to it today because, in addition to the usual headlines, we’ve got an interview with the woman behind “The Not-Creepy Gathering for People Who Want to Fall in Love,” plus, a guide to the weekend for our Evergrey Extra members.

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3 things Seattle is talking about

👙There’s a shortage of local lifeguards and it has closed one Seattle beach already. The parks department announced their decision to close Seward Park’s swimming beach after struggling to find enough qualified hires. Don’t fret yet though — you can still swim at seven other city beaches, with lifeguards on duty, including West Green Lake, Magnuson, and Pritchard. (The Seattle Times)

☕️Bikes and coffee abound at Overcast Coffee's new cafe location. That’s because the cafe teamed up with Metier Seattle — a bike shop that offers “coffee, craft beer, and local eats” at its new spot. Overcast hopes to host community events and gatherings in the future that will “hold the values of the neighborhood.” (Capitol Hill Seattle Blog)

🆘Think you could survive off of a can of SpaghettiOs for more than a week? This hiker had no choice. Andrew Devers set out on a day hike on Friday, June 18 in North Bend, but after a few hours off-trail, realized he was lost. With only a thermos of water, a backpack, and a can of SpaghettiOs, Devers survived for nine whole days off of berries and a pot and knife he found on the second day. You can read or listen to his story at the following link. (KUOW)

A totally non-creepy event to meet new people and maybe even fall in love

Courtesy of Jenna Bean Veatch

A few years ago we interviewed Jenna Bean Veatch about her dating event “The Not-Creepy Gathering for People Who Want to Fall in Love.” (You can read the whole article right here). But to give a quick refresher: Veatch’s event combines small group activities with some stand-up comedy to create a one-of-a-kind mixer designed to create love connections.

Considering how everything moved online this past year and one of the points of this recurring event was to make genuine in-person connections, Jenna had to adapt. We “sat down” with her to get an update on how it’s going and hear how her first in-person gathering in more than a year went.

How did you come up with the idea for this?

Six years ago I was in grad school getting my MFA in interdisciplinary arts, and I was working on making a dance theater show that was about the desire for human connection. One day, I was walking around the lake and I suddenly went, “Oh, my God, I think I have an idea”. And this, this was the idea. The day after, I got on the phone and booked a tiny little venue for a few weeks later, and 70 people showed up to that first event. It seemed so clear that I had stumbled upon something that people wanted and that was filling a need that was not being met in other ways.

Can you talk about moving the event online and how that went?

I resisted shifting it online in the first few months because in many ways, it was created as an alternative and even antidote to online dating. But I eventually gave it a try and was shocked and so delighted to discover that genuine, meaningful connections via Zoom are totally possible. In some ways, it almost works better as a virtual event. It can be intimidating and you have to be vulnerable to show up to something like this. Many people are more at ease in their own homes and so it makes it easier to show up in the first place. 

Do you have any advice for those who are a bit apprehensive about going back out to these sorts of social events?

If people feel nervous about it, know that this is normal and to be expected. I think people can give themselves some grace. At these in-person events I've got coming up, we get to do that all together. I get to name that right at the top — that we all might feel anxious or some version of awkward, nervous, excited and that's okay. We get to know that we're not the only ones feeling that way. We don't need to pretend that we are completely at ease. Even without a pandemic, trying to meet people is inherently vulnerable. Opening yourself up to connection means we can end up getting hurt, and that can be scary. But I believe it's worth it.

Jenna is hosting the first in-person gathering in 16 months tomorrow at Fremont Abbey. Tickets to the event are sold out, but there is an online gathering on Sunday and another in-person one next weekend, July 17. Check their website to stay up to date and find tickets.

Get access to our exclusive weekend guide

Right now, Evergrey Extra members are getting a curated guide to the weekend. We told them about where they can catch a production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and a mini seafood fest they can enjoy. Want access to guides like this? Become an Evergrey Extra member today!

Promotion from Friends of Waterfront Seattle


Presented by Friends of Waterfront Seattle, visit Pier 62 for family-friendly music, art, dance, storytelling, fitness classes and more.

Free & fun events all summer between City & Sound


👀Go Back to the '80s at the Junction Sidewalk Sales (through Saturday)(West Seattle)

📖Hear from Carolyn Ferrell and Joan Silber as they discuss Ferrell's debut novel "Dear Miss Metropolitan" (Online)

😀Paint picture to decorate a cruise ship(Ballard)


🗣Tune in for another mayoral forum, this time hosted by the West Seattle Junction Association/West Seattle Blog (Online)


❤️Looking for love? Join the Not-Creepy Gathering for People Who Want to Fall in Love (Online)


🌲Peer into the lives of crows and ravens with Dr. Kaeli Swift(Online)


➡️sistance Fighter & Holocaust survivor to speak(Online)

🗣Learn how Seattle City Council Position 9 Candidates plan to tackle the gun violence epidemic at this Forum.(Online)


🔨Join us at The Works to learn how to make your own Hammered Brass and Leather Earrings workshop!(Capitol Hill)

🍷The Holocaust Center for Humanity’s Ambassadors for Change invites you to our second annual Sip & Learn Fundraiser, Exploring the Intersections of Antisemitism and Racism. (Belltown)

☮️The Intersections of Antisemitism & Racism: Join Us to Take Action!(Online)

Friday, July 16

🎸Live music at Sleight of Hand Cellars in SODO(SODO)

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