Plus: Some resources to support the AAPI community.
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🍜 The first Chinese restaurant outside of Chinatown

Plus: Some resources to support the AAPI community.

Hello, it’s Thursday.

On Tuesday night, an attack on several spas in Atlanta ended in eight people being killed. Six of them were Asian women. 

I bring this up even though it took place across the country because the attack’s reach was far greater than that city, those involved, and their families. What we saw was a reflection of what many of us in the AAPI community already knew to be true — that no matter how much the media or others tell us we are just as “American” as our white counterparts — we will always be seen as outsiders and dehumanized where it suits the needs of others. 

Seattle’s AAPI community makes up 15% of the city’s population and its history is rich and deserves to be celebrated, but more importantly, it’s still being written. People of color in America were never seen as equals and in many instances, they still aren’t today — educate yourself on why that is and take time to seek out the voices speaking out and actively working to change this. 

Here are some links to round-ups of resources to support the AAPI community: Kim Saira on IG, Hollis Wong-Wear on IG, AAJA board member Sarah Belle Lin, and The Cut. Consider picking up a copy of the International Examiner or Northwest Asian Weekly and making a donation, follow local organizations like Humbows Not Hotels, and keep educating yourself — the Wing Luke Museum is a great resource.

Thanks for listening — keep reading for a new series with MOHAI, a guide on how to celebrate your love for the Irish all-year-round for Evergrey Extra members, and our giveaway continues.

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A green light for home-based kitchens. The City Council passed a bill that would make it easier for food and beverage retail operations to be based out of homes. This piece of legislation comes after Phinney Ridge’s Yonder Bar was forced to close after a complaint. The bar is open once again for business. (Eater Seattle)

Support service-industry workers, buy some beer. Last year, Reuben’s Brews released the special “You Are Not Alone'' hazy IPA which benefited the organization Big Table. Now they’re re-releasing the beer to raise even more money. The beer will be available exclusively on tap and in 4-packs at their locations.  (My Ballard)

No more Oktoberfest? Leavenworth announced its cancellation of this year’s annual event, citing COVID-19 as the reason. However, it may not return next year either —  the mayor of Leavenworth is considering passing on the event to a neighboring town. Leavenworth’s Bavarian theme was originally a tactic to drive tourism when the timber industry faltered, but the city’s economy has changed since then. (Seattle Met)


Pictured: Ruby Chow's New Year's Coin coaster, 1951 MOHAI, 1989.43.3

Sometimes it’s fun to look backward and that’s what we’re going to do on Thursdays from here on out. Thanks to our friends at MOHAI (they’re re-opening on April 2!) we’ll be sharing an artifact from their collection each week in this section. Hopefully, enlightening you with some of Seattle’s history. 

This first artifact seems fitting for today’s newsletter. This Chinese New Year coaster comes from Ruby Chow’s restaurant which was the first Chinese restaurant in Seattle outside of Chinatown. But her legacy didn’t stop with her restaurant, Ruby fought to improve relations between her community in Chinatown and the greater Seattle community. She made waves in the Chong Wa Benevolent Association, leading a PR campaign for people to better understand Chinese culture, and eventually became the first woman to become the president of a Chong Wa chapter. 

Want to learn more about Ruby? Check out her History Link page here

👹 A Friendly Monster

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Monster is a unique shop dedicated to supporting independent artists. Located in Ballard at 1716 NW Market Street, it’s more than just a retail shop. They are also hosting a series of virtual workshops with Pacific Northwest artists, makers, and crafters. Enter here for your chance to win a ticket to their upcoming embroidery basics workshop with fiber artist Melissa Galbraith of MCreativeJ and good luck!


🎵 Listen to The Calidore Quartet perform works by Schumann and Shostakovich (Online)

❓ Test your knowledge with the Burke Museum's virtual trivia night (Online)

🎵 Tune in and support Washington's live music venues with Keep Music Live's live stream co-hosted by Sir-Mix-A-Lot (Online)


🏠 Find out how you can help address our region's housing crisis (Online)


🖼 Catch Wa Na Wari's latest opening art exhibition reception. (Online)


🧘 Cultivating Creativity, an Online Yoga and Meditation Retreat (Online)


🥃 Get the lowdown on brandy with the Seattle Cocktail Club (Online)

🐦 Who’s calling, please? Learn how to listen to the birds (Online )


🗣 This month's The Urbanist meetup will feature mayoral candidate Colleen Echohawk (Online)

🙌 Learn how purpose-driven business leaders can model Women’s Rights Champions to embed DEI in their company cultures. (Online)

🍕 Make pizza with Ethan Stowell for a good cause (At home)


📱 Learn how to manage boundaries with technology as a heart-centered entrepreneur (Online)

That’s it for today

Thanks for reading to the end. I won’t lie in that writing today’s newsletter was tough because there is so much I’d like to say to you all, but not enough time or space. 

To end on a positive note here are some things I really love that Asian American women have created, there are a whole lot more but here are a few to start: 

📚 The book: Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong

🎵 The song: “Temple” by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

👔 The business: Omsom

🎥 The movie: The Farewell

Until tomorrow. ✌️

— Grace at The Evergrey

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