Plus, 100 things to do in Pittsburgh before you die and where to eat for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week.
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Plus, 100 things to do in Pittsburgh before you die and where to eat for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week.

By The Incline Staff

Hey yinz! 

Have you been missing The Incline? We’ve been on a brief hiatus since the holidays and didn’t mean to leave you hanging. With that said, the last time we spoke, our previous beloved director was signing off for the last time. We wish Francesca Dabecco well in her new role but now, we’re on the hunt to find someone to fill her vacant shoes. 

Know someone who loves Pittsburgh so much that writing about it comes naturally? Someone who is comfortable managing projects, producing daily social and digital content, can hold a conversation in memes (okay, that’s not really a requirement, but some days it helps!), and has a strong record of community engagement? You should send 'em to our latest job posting

We’re looking to get someone in the door rather quickly, and hey, if full-time isn’t in the cards for you but you’d like to write for The Incline in a different capacity, we’re totally into that too. Just drop us a line at

So knowing that there are a lot of moving parts this week, we’ll be spending some time in our archives and sharing some of our more popular stories throughout the years. We’re starting with an interview with our previous local director and published Pittsburgh author, Rossilynne Skena Culgan. Then if you’re an Incline Insider, keep reading for this week’s round of trivia, and hang around ‘til the bottom for some news about Pittsburgh Restaurant Week. 

And don’t worry — we’ll be back with our usual daily news roundup soon. We just need a moment to catch up. 😉


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What Pittsburgh is talking about

We’re 11 days into a new year, Pittsburgh. Looking to make the most of our city in 2022? 

Way back in 2019 (it really does feel like forever ago), The Incilne’s intrepid and essential director, Rossilynne Skena Culgan, wrote an essential read for all yinzers: “100 Things to Do in Pittsburgh Before You Die.” 

As Colin Deppen, the former associate director at the time, said of the book, “It’s a monument to the expertise (Rossilynne’s) gleaned from the decade she’s spent writing about Pittsburgh as a destination, a culturally ascendant American city, and just a generally cool place to be.”

Head here to read about Rossilynne’s writing process, how she whittled the list down to *just* 100, and what it’s like being the Pittsburgher everyone comes to for planning advice.

From a pickle-juice drinking competition at Picklesburgh to our city’s most intense brunch competition, to where to find the nearest biggest waterfall — there’s something for everyone. 

You can add a copy to your bookshelves by heading here

🎯 Wanna play a game?


How’s your yinzer knowledge?

Today our members — a.k.a. Incline Insiders — are playing an exclusive round of trivia in their newsletters. 

Here's how it works: Today we shared a Pittsburgh-themed trivia question with our Insiders and asked them to share their best guesses for answers. On Friday, we’ll reveal the truth and shout out the yinzers who know this city best.

Put your yinzer knowledge to the test, and join us as an Incline Insider today.


🍽️ Eat your way through the ‘Burgh on a budget for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week thru Sunday, with many restaurants extending their deals to Jan. 23 (Downtown Pittsburgh)

😂 Giggle with comedian Tig Notaro at Carnegie Homestead Music Hall (Munhall)


🎟 Remember Betty White and all the gals at “That Golden Girls Show”, a parody with puppets happening at Byham Theater thru Thursday, Jan. 13 (Cultural District

🤓 Double up on Betty White and the “Golden Girls” with a themed trivia night (Strip District)

💃 Move your body during a community African dance class led by Makhissa Camara (Homewood)


❓ Reserve your spot for some “fetch” 2000s trivia at Galley (Bakery Square


🗣️ Learn about the dangerous women that inspired art of the Victorian era during this virtual gallery talk hosted by The Frick (Online)

😂 Laugh with Jim Jefferies live at Carnegie Music Hall (Oakland)


🍪 Explore our city and state’s immigrant history during the turn of the 20th century with a deep dive into the beloved cookie table (Strip District

🎨 Learn to carve your next masterpiece in clay during a workshop at Contemporary Craft (Lawrenceville)


🍺 Sip on a brew while hanging with your furry best friend at Pups & Pints at Helltown Taphouse (Strip District)

💃 Dance like nobody’s watching at this silent disco party (Homestead)


🗣️ Follow storyteller Dr. Nelson Harrison on a journey of the Pittsburgh Jazz community (Online

🎨 Bring the kiddos to celebrate MLK day at the Pittsburgh Glass Center (Bloomfield)

One last thing… 

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is upon us. 

That means two whole weeks of eating your way through 40 local restaurants serving up “New dishes for the new year.” Who can’t get behind that?

Now through Sunday (with the majority of restaurants extending through Jan. 23), you can chow down on some of the Burgh’s best eats for a steal. Participating eateries are selling three-course meals from $20.22 to $45.22 and they’re located all over — You can check out Carmella's Plates and Pints over in South Side or try The Foundry Table & Tap in North Shore or go nuts at The Forge in Lawrenceville. 

If you decide to eat your way through the Burgh on a budget, tell us where you go, what you ordered, and how quickly you’ll be going back. We’ll turn around and share your findings with our readers to help them with their planning too!

‘Til tomorrow. 

— The Incline staff

P.S. Don’t forget to share our latest job posting for a new director far and wide. We’d really appreciate it and pay you back in the form of eternal gratitude and heart eyes.

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