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Dear Hope Giver,

The time has come!  Our team at Trafficking Hope has been planning and preparing for months and it’s hard to believe that the 4th Annual Faces of Hope Gala is only two days away!  It has taken hours upon hours of planning with staff and volunteers and we are extremely thankful for all of the hard work.  But through all of the last minute details and final decisions…I am reminded of why we do this each year and our overall mission…it’s for the ONE…because SHE matters. 
The gala is not just a party or formal event but it’s a night where we will rally together as a community and say IT’S NOT OKAY!   Our mission since we started this organization has been clear…to make a difference and do something to stop human trafficking in our state and nation, and the gala is a huge part of that mission! We want the ONE woman, the ONE child to have a chance to fulfill the very dreams that have been stolen from her.
I ask you to be a part of our mission in order to fight human trafficking and join us Saturday night at the Faces of Hope Gala at the Louisiana State Museum and be a voice on HER behalf…the ONE woman or child who can’t speak up for herself who has been sold, day after day.  That is why I ask you to join us.  We know that it will take all of us to combat this issue that is rapidly growing across our nation and world.  Join us to END HUMAN TRAFFICKING!
Let’s make this year’s Gala the best one yet! Join me in being the FACE of HOPE that SHE deserves! 


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