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Dear Hope Giver,
Summer is over and it’s Back to School once again!
As a mom, it saddens me to get the kids back in school as I love spending time with them over the summer and doing fun things! Now that we are back in school, it’s back to a routine…homework, practices, school events, etc.  Life as a mom gets back to normal with car pool and more!
Most of us have little to worry about when it comes to our kids and being back on their school campus, as long as they have their uniforms and school supplies, they just have to show up and be ready to learn. But other children across the world don’t have it so easy.   Getting to school isn’t fun and easy for them.  Children are being approached by men who promise to pay their school fees if they will be their sex slaves for the year.  As a mom, this is NOT okay.
Trafficking Hope is partnering with Children’s Cup International in order to help kids get back to school without having to give up their innocence.   We must stop the traffickers and provide a better solution for these children to get their education. (CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO) These children believe that education is their only way out of poverty and are wiling to do whatever they can in order to be in school. 
For just $150, you and I can provide these children with enough money to go back to school for the entire year!  That breaks down to just $12.50 a month!!! This makes it easy for all of us to take part. Our goal is to sponsor at least 100 children over the next month. Will you commit to make a difference in the lives of these children who are faced with the issue of being trafficked each day?
I want to challenge you to be a HOPE Giver today and help us sponsor as many kids as possible this school year!  (CLICK HERE TO GIVE)
Together we CAN protect these children!

Whether you are an individual, business, or church we would love for you to partner with us and become a HOPE Giver! Your financial support goes directly to our C.A.R.E.S. Initiative to bring HOPE to the precious victims of Sex Trafficking.
The Hope House is a place of refuge for victims of sex trafficking. With transitional, short term and long-term program, this home offers women a chance to renew their hope and to learn to dream again
Help us spread the word that IT’S NOT OKAY! From giving presentations throughout the community, hosting awareness booths, to providing administrative support, there is something for everyone.
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