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As I was sifting through all the crap email, spam, and the African king that will pay me six figures to help him wire some money, I came across one I actually got excited about -- an update from Chris Kresser. Who is this Kresser guy? Only my go-to dude for quality, evidence-based health and nutrition content! If you're into this kind of stuff and don't mind getting a little nerdy with the science, he's an excellent follow.

Anyway, he had sent an email about a one-of-a-kind service called, "Butcher Box." I'm not usually a fan of pundits promoting businesses of personal interest; however, since it's Chris I decided to at least give it look. Not to mention, my family is fan and member of the last business he promoted, Thrive Market.

Butcher Box describes itself as 100% grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and all-natural pork delivered monthly directly to your door. I'm all about convenience as long as it doesn't compromise quality, in this, "so many things, so little time," culture we live.

Quality meat is hard to come by, and when you can find it, it is often quite expensive. Splitting a cow with someone is a cost-effective option, but many don't have a resource nor the room to store all that meat. So, I decided to give the Butcher Box service a whirl.

I subscribed to one mixed box -- all three land animal they feature -- every three months. To my surprise, a styrofoam box filled with meat and dry ice arrived in two short days and well packaged. All the meat was well vacuum sealed without freezer burn.

The recipe cards were a nice touch. We tried both recipes with great results. The stuffed butternut squash was a bit of a pain, mostly because I didn't cook the gourd long enough where scooping the contents bent spoons. The flank steak was figurately out of this world. The coffee-based marinade provided the right amount of flavor, and the meat was decadent --  very impressed.

I verify this in fact came out of our oven!

We consumed our box contents in just under two months. For $129/box we found the quality and quantity to be a value. So much as to change our subscription to every two months. We did, however, switch to a beef and chicken box as I am a bit skeptical of their "all-natural" pork. They say it's humanely raised, but I like to hear the quality pork verbiage such as, "pasture-raised," or "free-range."

A buck twenty-nine a bit too rich for your blood? Consider the long-term health effects and medical costs associated with the typical American diet. It may cost more upfront, but the price you pay later is exceedingly less than the contrary.

Are you trying to reduce your meat consumption or have even gone vegetarian because you've heard meat increases your risk of cancer and heart disease?

First off, as stated in this article, smoking increases your chances of getting cancer by 2,500%. Eating bacon, on the other hand, might increase your chances by 18% -- maybe.

Secondly, fat does not make you fat!

Lastly, eating quality meat is essential to a nutritious diet. There are various vitamins and minerals our plant-eating friends miss out on that are a pain in the ass to optimize with supplements. Plus, meat just tastes good. I emphasize quality because the nutritional content of meat from grass-fed cows vs. conventional is vastly different, and if you truly knew how conventional factory farms raise and process their animals, you would consider going vegan as well.

I highly recommend Butcher Box, not because I have an affiliation (none whatsoever), but because it's a lifestyle choice that my family and I embrace. You should too because your future self will thank you for it!

Treating patients on a daily basis, I frequently address questions regarding nutrition, lifestyle, and "how do I now stay out of pain," questions. In our technology age, there's instant access to vast quantities -- not always quality -- of information, but so little time. Friday's Findings offers access to quality information, in small, weekly doses, so you can make the little changes that make a significant impact, without having to sift through all the mumbo-jumbo. I believe you'll find value. To maintain relevancy to you, please, email me with suggestions for future topics. Thank you and make today count, because it only happens once!

- RJ Burr, D.C.
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