Fun Things to do at the West Coast Dowsing Conference July 3-7, 2014, UC Santa Cruz

West Coast Dowsing Conference Updates
May 2014


Fun things to do at the
West Coast Dowsing Conference, July 3th-7th 2014


• Keynote:  Alan Handelsman: Dowser, Hypnotherapist, Friend, Humorist Extraordinaire

• Orb Walk in the Redwoods 
• Earth Energy Walk 

• Beginning Dowsing Training or Advanced Dowsing Classes, Thursday July 3rd

• Special Workshops Monday July 7th: See Website for details


OVER 60 PRESENTERS   Friday,  July 4th - Sunday, July 6th  
• Children are special and our futureA Three Day Unique Dowsing Mystery School for young dowsers (children and teens): Learn to Dowse, Sacred Geometry, Astrology, Faeries, Animal Communication and more….

• Shop Explore the large vendor area and find unique items.
• Traditional bagpipe ceremony and circle dance.
• Evening Hospitality: Dowsers enjoy being together.  Come and enjoy the Hospitality setting from 9-11PM each evening.  Network,  Raffle Deva,  Friendship,  Food and Beverages.
• Fun Night:  music and comedy light up the night.
• Bless The Spirits of the Land with Healing Gong Vibrations
• ASD Town Hall Meeting


Enjoy hiking the redwood trails and the ocean vistas.  Go to the beach.  Watch the sunset over the ocean.
Explore new topics and concepts, and enhance previous knowledge.  Be a part of this unique family of kindred spirits.
Come with a group, or come by yourself.  Once you come, you will never want to leave.

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July 3th - 7th, at UC Santa Cruz. Come and join us! 
Bring a friend or friends and receive a discount and a hug! 
Call for all the details: Irene Healy 831-402-8101 or Karen Ashley 415-823-9148

What’s Up in West Coast Dowsing?



Ted Grachek, Robert Gandrup and Karen Ashley Tippett were filmed by Telemundo TV (an NBC affiliate).  They were filmed dowsing a few water streams and where to drill the best well on a property in Aromas CA. After many demonstrations and explanations the rods turned towards the reporter and soon she was dowsing accurately.  Lots of fun and laughter.You too can learn to dowse in the all day Dowser Training at the West Coast Dowsing Conference July 3rd.



Cynthia Sue Larson spoke at the San Jose Dowsers April 12th; a five star presentation.  She demonstrated how mind/body phenomenon and dowsing is now being validated by the new science of particle physics.  She showed how science is catching up with what we already know, and inspires you to make your own Quantum Shifts.   You can hear her speak at the West Coast Conference, July 4-6, UC Santa Cruz.



Have you checked out the West Coast Dowsers Blog?  Learn what others are doing, find a dowsing tip and a way to be in touch with others like you.  Want to contribute a story?  We welcome your contributions!  Email your story to


Spring into Gardening

 Dowse in the garden:

·    Where to plant your tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes, lettuce, flowers, herbs

·    What soil conditioners and nutrients to use

·    Ask the garden Devas for caring and protection

·    Talk to the ground squirrels, moles and gophers to be in harmony with the garden and stay out of the beds.  Talk to the deer as well.

·    Dowse whether or not to provide a separate space for them and what to give them in that space so that they are happy to leave your plants alone 

·    Bless your garden with love

Gardening tips to add?  Email us for additions to the blog:

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July 3-7
West Coast Dowsers Conference
For information contact:
Karen Ashley, 415-564-6419
Irene Healy, 831-402-8101

June 4-7
American Society of Dowsers

National Convention
Lyndon State College

May 17
Golden Gate Chapter Meeting
Corte Madera, CA

Speaker: Nina Brown, "Emotional & Spiritual Balancing and Clearing"
Corte Madera Towne Center, 2nd Floor
Community Room
1:30pm - 5pm
Contact: Karen Ashley,,


May 10 
San Jose Dowsers
Divine Science Community Center
1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose, CA
Contact: Cathy Coltrip,

May 10
San Diego Dowsers 
Contact: Inez Lindsey,


May 4
Nor Cal Dowsers
Contact: Jeanette,

May 3
Tuscon Dowsers
Contact: Laura Boles,


Meeting Quarterly 
Sierra Dowsers Chapter Meeting
Contact: Donna Ahlers,

Energy Dowsers 
Seattle, Washington

Contact: Pat Delafield

Valley of the Dowsers 
Contact: Jim or Susan Schultz,,

Gold County Dowsers
Contact: Sharron Hope,
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