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March 2014

What To Do When Your Dowsing Stops Working

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  I recently received a letter from a new dowser who was discouraged because her pendulum just kept indicating "NO" whenever she asked it any question. She wrote: "My dowsing isn't going well. I don't know if it's because I'm not focused enough. I'm starting to get very discouraged and think maybe I should stop trying dowsing when I'm not up to par, but that would defeat the whole purpose [of dowsing]. I'm discouraged and waiting for your comments."

I think all dowsers have experienced times when the pendulum won't seem to co-operate with them. When I've had consistent NO responses, or the pendulum just hangs there motionless, I've learned that there's either something I have to do first, or the answer is something I have to work out for myself. The pendulum’s “refusal” to answer, is one way the Divine Source can coach us to use our intuition directly to uncover the truth we need to know.

(I use a Dowsing Protocol before every session to make sure my answers come from the Divine Source (highest truth). If you send me an email at with “Dowsing Protocol” in the subject line, I will send you a summary copy of my Protocol.)

Here are some questions I ask myself when I'm not getting the dowsing answers I expect: 

Is there something I need to do first?

For example: eat, drink water, go to the bathroom, go to work, meditate, sleep, clean the house, take my medication, talk to someone, clear an earth energy, go outside and breathe, go to my doctor, look after my kids, make a phone call, use my normal conscious skills to achieve something, other. (Always include the option of “other” when making an enquiry – it can open the door to new insights.)

Should I be using a different tool?

For example: L-rods, different pendulum, bobber, body dowse, use a chart, alphabet card, runes, tarot, other.

Should I dowse in a different place/time of day?

Sometimes the furnace, fridge or other electrical devices in the proximity can set up interference. See if your dowsing improves by changing locations, perhaps one that gives you more privacy.

Should I ask to communicate with a different guide?

It's surprising how often this is the case - you may need to bring in a "specialist" being to assist you. You can ask for the assistance of beneficial beings in resonance with you and with the Divine Source who have useful information that will assist you in the dowsing investigation at this time.

Should I be using my dowsing in service for others instead of myself?

I find my best personal clearing comes from spending time in service for others. If you are just using dowsing to benefit yourself, the Divine Source may find ways, such as not responding in the way you expect, to get your attention so that you share your skills.

Should I be asking a different question or focusing on a different area? Maybe it's just not the right time to focus on what you're asking. Perhaps the subject matter is beyond your skill level, and the pendulum’s refusal to cooperate is a way of protecting you from non-beneficial energies. If you use a Dowsing Protocol before you begin, and have permission to dowse, then you will know you are protected and it is safe to proceed.

Is a non-beneficial being or energy interfering with my communications?

Depending on the type of dowsing I'm doing, I may get interference. If this happens I simply review my Dowsing Protocol and make sure I'm properly grounded, cleared and balanced.

Don't be discouraged at getting NO's - it's just a sign that you have some work to do. The challenges are an opportunity to grow. Take the time to meet and overcome the challenges, and your dowsing will have better results. The Divine Source is keen for us to learn, and one way to make us learn more is to make the pendulum "stop working". When this happens, think of it as an opportunity to take another step on your path.


Remember to use a Dowsing Protocol every time before you dowse.


Susan Collins is a Personal Management Consultant, Professional Dowser, author and international workshop leader with a dynamic private practice. She is a past President and Dowser of the Year (2006) of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and a member of both the American and British Societies of Dowsers. She will be leading a full day workshop on July 3 at the Dowsers West Coast Conference. Contact: 905-833-2440, Website:


What’s Up in West Coast Dowsing?

There is a very severe drought in the western regions of the US.  Last month the West Coast Dowsing Newsletter had an article on “Protocol for Rain”.  We asked you to please use the “Protocol for Rain” or use your own protocol.  In the past two weeks we have received nearly 40% of our annual rainfall. Thank all of you who used the protocol or one of your own!!!  Let us continue our focused intent on more rain.
AP News network is reporting that farmers and vintners in California are using dowsers to find water in order not to be hurt by the drought.  Articles on Yahoo, CBS, ABC and Fox have been circulating online since Sunday, March 3.  A Google search will take you to all of them.
Let’s keep dowsing in the news.  Share the news and your stories with your friends, families and coworkers.


A Summer Camp for Dowsers

July 3-7, 2014   University of California Santa Cruz College 8

Keynote Speaker:  Alan Handelsman

July 3 Basic Dowsing School:  Richard Tippett and Gladys McCoy with John Wayne Blassingame as Emeritus guest Speaker
July 3 Advanced Application Schools:  Susan Collins, Richard Feather Anderson and Joey Korn
July 7 Post Conference Workshops:  Alan Handelsman, Gisela Hoffman, Tom Graves, and Jeannie Gehringer
July 3 to 5 Children’s’ Mystery Dowsing School
***SPECIAL***  Raymon Grace guest video prepared and presented just for the West Coast Conference
Come join us to have fun, meet kindred spirits, learn, share and have an adventure

 Flagstaff AZ Oct 3-7, 2013

“Venture Inward and Upward” was truly that!  Carolyn and Ed Stillman of Sedona Arizona and the entire SWC Committee presented a Conference with the familiar, friendly, kindred energy of the dowsers within the elegance of The Little America Hotel.  The presentations continue to inspire for those who attended.  For a list of speakers and to purchase CDs visit or call Clay 209-985-4765
SWC is looking for volunteers to be a part of the conference committee for 2015. Be a part of the cutting edge of Dowsing and contribute your creativity to this spectacular conference.  CONTACT: Carolyn Stillman,

 ASD Convention 2014  June 4-9 Lyndon State College Vermont
For information and speakers visit
ASD Digest is looking for contributions of articles on dowsing, and dowsing related subjects.  Here’s your chance to share your creativity and get published!

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March 15
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