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Hi all,

A big thank-you for filling out the poll or otherwise letting me know of your interest in the Cloud Hands course. Based on your input, I have made the following updates to the course:

1. You have inspired me to hold a free workshop to introduce the Cloud Hands course in a more visual, experiential and interactive fashion. This workshop will be on Thursday August 12 at 5-6pm. In turn we will not have our regular meditation and chat session that day. The workshop is both a mini class and an info session, so you'll get some practice out of the hour, in addition to finding out whether this course would be useful to you. To sign up for the free workshop (or to receive the recording if you can't make it), go to the course website and you'll see the workshop registration info right underneath the banner. 

2. The Cloud Hands course start date has been postponed to August 23, and the course has been shortened to 7 weeks (originally 8 weeks). I have also moved the start time to 9 am PDT, as it seems this works better for many people. 

3. The full "all-inclusive" tuition for this course is now $140, and the "no instructions" tuition is $105. The only difference between the two options is that "no instructions" participants do not participant in the Monday instructional classes and will not have the opportunity for real-time individual feedback during class; all recordings are available to all who enroll. All of you on my Thursday Meditation & Chat list can use coupon code TMC to save 20% off of enrollment fees. 

I did not mention this on the course website, but if you are an instructor you may find this course useful in adding a perspective to  (or perhaps we are already on the same page about SRE) - come to the workshop to find out? 
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