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🎧 A 20-minute wuji meditation - here's the audio recording if anyone is interested in listening and practicing to it. 

🙋Q&A about meditation: What to do if your mind can't settle (within 20 minutes)?
Keep going back to the method. Each time you become aware of the "straying" mind, go back to one of the methods -- the following are specific to Wuji Standing: 
- awareness in dantian
- count or simply observe the breath 
- do a body scan to relax from head to toes, or check/adjust your alignment again
- use a visualization that helps guide the yi (intention) and qi downward

💻  Technology: We compared zoom with toucan.events and gather.town for virtual parties/fairs/conferences. Zoom wins for now, but I personally have high hopes for toucan. 

Thursday Meditation and Chats will continue through April at the regular time of 7-8pm, after which I plan to shift to a format where the guided meditation can reach more people while we still maintaining a community where we support each other's learning and practice. If you have any suggestions/requests please let me know! 

Zoom link is the same: 
Topic: Taiji Meditation (7-7:30pm) and Chats (7:30-8pm)
Time: March 25, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 842 2183 7967
Passcode: 202101   


Email: yli.taiji@gmail.com
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