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Today we did the plain old wuji meditation (so good, always), and had the following discussion and fun: 
1. Meditation 
What do you do with your mind? 
- awareness of the breaths helps calm down the body and bring back the mind
- use of visualization, e.g., watching thoughts come and go as if on floating clouds
Differences between Wuji and other qigong meditation: 
- in wuji standing, mind is not actively guiding energy through the body
- in micro and macro cosmic orbit qigong, mind works with energy flow through major channels

2. Favorite Taiji Postures!
Names, Translations, Imageries: 
- feel the tall horse / high pat on the horse / pat the tall horse? english? 
- white crane/goose spread wings
- (Guan Dao:) "3 chops" / "5 chops" -- lamb chops, pork chops... 
Physicality / energy: 
- (2nd) high pat horse and after - all the spirals with the dantian rotation!
- white crane/goose spread wings
- double lotus (leg swing)
- fist under elbow - really stretches your spine!

3. Next Thursday, March 25, 7-8pm, we will continue our Meditation (7-7:30 pm) and Taiji Chat (7:30-8 pm). We have a continuing topic: what is a taiji posture or an aspect in taiji that you find most challenging? Feel free to send me topics you'd like to discuss or hear about in future sessions also! 

Zoom link is the same: 
Topic: Taiji Meditation and Chats
Time: March 25, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 842 2183 7967
Passcode: 202101   

*** Feel free to join either the meditation (7-7:30pm) or the chat (7:30-8-ish), or both! ***  


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