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Hi <<First Name>>, 

How do you keep track of your Wuji "mileage"? I've used my Sifu Tony Wong's log form, the Insight Timer app, and seen other people's own version of spreadsheets or calendars... So far my favorite log form is this:


This was sent to me in late August, so by now we should be on the 10th pie! I am patiently and eagerly awaiting the day when all the pies 🥧🥧🥧 are filled! 😍

I received a request to review the practice of centering on length for dignity, width for connection, depth for support, and purpose - this will be our main discussion and practice after Wuji Standing meditation tomorrow. If you have a moment, ask yourself this during the day (you don't need to have an answer ready): what do you long for? what matters to you most? - This could be in your taiji, meditation, health/fitness area, or other areas in your life such as work or relationships. 

See you in Wuji,
TMC: Thursday Meditation (7-7:30pm) and Chat (7:30-8pm) US Pacific Time
Zoom link: 
Meeting ID: 842 2183 7967
Passcode: 202101   

Zoom door will open at 6:55pm and we will start our meditation promptly at 7:05pm after 5 minutes of warmup and greetings. If anyone has any request for a specific guided meditation, please bring it up before we start, or let me know via email before 6:55pm. 

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