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Please join me this Thursday, Feb. 25, 7-8pm, for a free session of Meditation (7-7:30 pm) and Taiji Chat (7:30-8 pm) on zoom. 

Topic: Taiji Meditation and Chats
Time: Feb 25, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 842 2183 7967
Passcode: 202101
*** You are welcome to join either the meditation or the chat, or both! *** 

Last Thursday a small group of dedicated taiji students and friends joined me for an initial chat where we talked about challenges of maintaining Taiji practice during times of social distance and how we have adapted. A few takeaway points from our chat include:
  • Challenges. Motivation for self-practice can be elusive, especially if we have to make drastic changes in how we work and live and parent (all from home); sense of growth can be elusive, with online classes being less ideal than in-person classes;
  • Community and structure help. Being part of a taiji community and attending weekly  zoom classes have been helpful for some of us in keeping up the practice. 
  • Transforming taiji/wellness practices. It's inspiring to hear the different ways people have modified/transformed their taiji practice, by either incorporating/adopting other taiji forms or other martial arts, or by adding or switching to other physical or artistic activities such as swimming, walking, playing/learning music;
  • Adapting to changes means seeing what's most needed and directing resources to that. If making progress in taiji feels elusive at the moment, do more of what's uplifting and joyful, so that when we are ready to pick up from where we left off, we will be ready and recharged.
I am inspired to continue such dialogues, as long as people are interested, and have included a few more friends from the Taiji community (mostly in the bay area). Tomorrow, we will be discussing any of the following topics: 
a) What is taiji and what is taiji TO YOU? 
b) How have you benefited from Taiji?  
c) What have you discovered through Taiji, about the art itself, other arts/cultures, yourself? What is one piece of wisdom Taiji has brought you? 

d) Have you been applying Taiji principles to other activities or areas of your life? If so, how? 
I understand many of you may have class conflicts, so join only if you are free, and if you feel compelled to share your thoughts on any of the topic above, please shoot me an email and I will add it to the live discussion! 

See you tomorrow,

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