This is a reminder that we will continue our Thursday Meditation and Taiji Chat today at 7-8pmFeel free to join either the meditation (7-7:30pm) or the chat (7:30-8-ish), or both! 

Last week we continued our conversation on challenging aspects of taiji. One aspect that many people related to was the physically demanding postures/movements such as splits and jumps, which are especially difficult for people who've had injuries or are no longer young and bendy. While we wondered whether aging or practice would win out in the end, Julian pointed out that we all looked like we are 29 so that's not a question to speak of. Many of us also do recall having less strength/stability/confidence etc. before we started on the taiji journey, even though we were 'younger' back then. 

What have you learned / discovered /realized in the last week/month during your practice? Bring to our chat this evening or drop a line here. :) 

Zoom link is the same: 
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