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Hi <<First Name>>, 

A reminder that our Thursday Meditation and Chat is this evening -- zoom info is included at the end of this email.

You should have received a separate email announcement of ongoing / upcoming group classes and individual/small-group training offers. In this email, I have a couple of additional ideas and offers:


Our Thursday Meditation and Chat hour (7-8pm PT) will convert to part of CUSV Tai Chi course in May - August. It will still be primarily Wuji, and instead of chats I will be leading Taiji foundational practices such as cloud hands. The class format will be hybrid - in-person and on zoom - so those of you who are non-local can still join.

I am planning to ease into this transition in April, meaning to start the hybrid format on Thursday April 7th. And here's what it would look like:
  • 7-8pm: Wuji; Taiji foundational practices -- e.g., cloud hands
    • in May - Aug, CUSV students will join this part
  • 8-9pm: deepen and broaden -- each month will center around one topic, for example:
    • Laojia Yilu (review of 'difficult' postures)
    • building blocks of Jian / double-edged sword (or another weapon/instrument)
    • pushhands
    • fajin

As many of you know this past year I have been learning and practicing somatic coaching. Somatic Bodywork is part of the somatic coaching modality - it is similar to energy healing modalities like Reiki, and has modern roots in Feldenkrais, Rolfing, Polarity Therapy, etc., as well as ancient roots in Chinese and Indian medicines. In a nutshell, somatic bodywork helps release tension that has been habitually held in our tissues from stressful or difficult experiences, and with it comes a sense of expanded capacity and choice. Clients I've worked with typically report a deeper sense of calm and relaxation (not just bodily relaxation like after a massage), and lightness and spaciousness in their body. Some report feeling kinder, more loving, taller (no kidding!), and more connected with self and others.

If you feel you or someone you know could benefit from somatic bodywork, I'm offering 75-minute sessions in Sunnyvale on Mondays and in Berkeley on Fridays, at a discounted rate of $100 / session for the months of March - May (average rates for somatic bodywork are $150+). Book a free 30-minute info call with me to learn more about what a typical session is like.  

Okay that's it for this week! See you in a couple of hours,
TMC: Thursday Meditation (7-7:30pm) and Chat (7:30-8pm) US Pacific Time
Zoom link: 
Meeting ID: 842 2183 7967
Passcode: 202101   

Zoom door will open at 6:55pm and we will start our meditation promptly at 7:05pm after 5 minutes of warmup and greetings. If anyone has any request for a specific guided meditation, please bring it up before we start, or let me know via email before 6:55pm. 

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