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Borshch is one of the mainstays of Ukrainian cuisine.


For centuries, variations of borshch recipes have been passed down through generations, nd today it is one of the most popular dishes in Ukraine, and recognised worldwide! 

Firstly, how is it spelt? Borshcht... or BORSHCH?🤔

Well in Ukrainian... it's борщ! 🍜 which is transliterated to BoRSHCH, as the letter щ makes "shch" sound! 

People can be confused when this term is phonetically transcribed to English from different languages — barščiai, barŝĉo, barszcz, borŝĉo, borş, borsch, borščs, borscht, borshch, borsjt, borsht, bortsch.

Many people have incorrectly suggested that it is spelled Borshcht from Russian... but it's not true. It is spelled the exact same way in Russian and Ukrainian! 

The Borshch Controversy!

Over the years, many countries have laid claim to Borshch as their own, including Poland and Russia, but really... Borshch is Ukrainian! 🇺🇦 

And to recognize this, Borshch is due to be added to the list
intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO, to acknowledge borshch as part of Ukraine's cultural heritage.


Fascinating, right?!

Well now we've learnt something about this famous, and delicious soup, lets learn how to cook it! 

Cooking Class with Taras: Ukrainian Borshch and Cabbage Rolls

We took a virtual cooking class with our very own Taras Sabadash.

Our Tour Leader, Taras, is not just great at making sure you have an amazing experience while on tour, he is also a Ukrainian food specialist and master chef in the kitchen!

Watch the video below to discover the secrets to making the perfect Ukrainian Borshch, as well as delicious holubtsi, or cabbage rolls!

If you enjoyed this, you can join Taras on a 

Culinary Tour of Ukraine! 

He will take you to all of his favourite haunts, while you take part in unique workshops across the country to discover the delights of Ukrainian cuisine, and learn to make them yourselves!

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