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Peak Season: Challenge and Opportunity

by Tim Ward, Director of Sales & Marketing
We are moving toward the busiest time of the year for our company and there is a great deal that must happen before we begin ‘peak season’. 
Each August, September and October, we develop and finalize plans to ensure that we have success during this critical 2-month period. There is a continual focus on the management of all challenges that can and will occur. However, we view this time as a tremendous opportunity for growth, not only in the bottom line, but also in the people and the overall processes we employ.
Much of this begins with communication with our key customers. Understanding how our resources matchup to their volume projections, additional and/or new delivery requirements, and service expectations is key. We ask about route changes and deadlines so that we can make each delivery a success for our customer as well as the ones receiving the freight.
We also focus on two vital ingredients for any industry but that standout in the logistics industry in particular: equipment and personnel. This goes back to understanding our customer’s needs and being able to secure the right equipment and personnel necessary to secure success. Each has its own set of challenges but with time and energy invested wisely, we usually find not only the quantity but the quality necessary.
Finally, we return each fall to a renewed focus on our company’s Core Values. These five values are key to our success today and moving forward. They are as follows:
  • Excellence in everything we do,
  • Having a positive attitude,
  • Encouraging and fostering teamwork,
  • Presenting resourcefulness and flexibility when required, and
  • Exhibiting personal accountability for the work you do.
Each year, we approach this peak season understanding that there will be challenges to face. The good thing is that with each challenge comes an opportunity to grow in some way. That is why we say, ‘Bring on November!’

Safety Bulletin: 
Inspect These 7 Items To Prevent Truck Fires


(Article Courtesy Penske, Photo courtesy via Creative Commons license markn3tel user) 

It’s one of a professional driver’s worst nightmares – driving down the highway when a fire breaks out. Whether it’s under the hood of your rig or inside the trailer, a fire has devastating consequences, including the risk for serious injuries or loss of life for the driver and any nearby motorists or bystanders.

Thankfully, you can reduce your risk. Look for these seven, potential fire-causing hazards on your daily pre- and post-trip inspections:
  • Tires – Keep them properly inflated. Tires at low air pressure run the risk for a blowout, which may then cause the rim to slam against the pavement and potentially spark a fire. Improperly inflated tires can also cause your brakes to overheat. In addition, make sure your dual tires aren’t touching. If they are, the friction alone can create a fire once the tires heat up while you’re on the road.
  • Wheels – Check the wheel hub bearing oil level and look for any blown wheel seals. A loss of wheel or axle lubricant may cause a fire.
  • Electrical wires – When electrical wires are either frayed or loose, they may spark and catch fire. Inspect your truck’s electrical system and report any defects to your carrier immediately.
  • Cargo – Make sure it’s loaded and sealed properly. Take standard precautions with flammable cargo.
  • Items inside the cab – Follow all safety precautions when using devices like cab heaters, stoves or hot pots. Make sure the wires on any aftermarket electrical devices aren’t torn or worn.
  • Fire extinguisher – Regularly check your truck’s fire extinguisher. If it has a gauge, make sure the pressure is at the recommended level (in the green zone). Keep the extinguisher secured (don’t let it roll around the truck). Check it for dents, leaks, rust, oil, gunk or any other signs of wear. And know the type and proper use of your extinguisher. An A:B:C extinguisher works with wood, paper, cloth and electrical fires, and with burning liquids. A B:C extinguisher can be used only for electrical fires and burning liquids.
  • Yourself – Do you smoke? If so, do so with caution – or look into quit-smoking programs.

If you smell smoke or see flames while driving, pull your truck off the road and away from trees, buildings or other vehicles. Get out. If it’s safe, uncouple the tractor from the trailer with the fifth-wheel puller. If you’re using a fire extinguisher, follow the PASS method – Pull the pin; Aim at the base of the fire; Squeeze the trigger; and Sweep from side to side until the fire is out. Call 9-1-1 to report the fire.

Team Member Spotlight: Brooke Campbell

In the world of last mile delivery, people are working even when the office isn’t technically open. Such is the case with our latest team member spotlight, Brooke Campbell.

Brooke joined On Time Logistics in March of this year and she does the overnight post office truck delivery runs in and throughout parts of western Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma, and southwest Missouri. Learn more about Brooke on our blog

Team Member Spotlight: Gary S. Chaudoin

In this team member spotlight, we bring you one courier who may be new to On Time Logistics but has decades of experience in the trucking industry.

Gary S. Chaudoin has driven a truck for 50 years, “coast to coast and border to border.” He joined our team last month as a courier and he said that if a regular driving/delivery route became available, he might be interested in that if he could have a partner. Learn more about Gary on our blog


Searching for drivers in NWA & Little Rock!

Do you know someone who is looking for a job in the NW Arkansas and Little Rock areas? On Time Logistics is looking for qualified drivers for both locations. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Tim Ward at 479-419-9802 or by email at

Birthdays and Work Anniversaries
for November

  • November Anniversaries: Anne Williams, 11/1; Heath Woods, 11/20
  • November Birthdays: Ron Parks, 11/12; Levertis Clark, 11/3; Aaron Baker, 11/14; Joe Lammey, 11/16; Tim Ward, 11/29

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Looking for that perfect furniture piece to complete your decor? We have a revolving inventory of discount, but still high-quality, unclaimed furniture items. 

Some items have minor dings and dents, but are still high-quality furniture pieces. Freight furniture purchases are cash only, no warranties, no return. Descriptions of the freight will make note of any known damage. Delivery available. Check out what we have to offer (and be aware that the supply changes!) Unclaimed Furniture NWA Facebook page
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