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Blessings for the Season and New Year

"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit" Napoleon Hill 
A recent newsletter from a fellow logistics provider shared this quote and we loved it so much that we wanted to take a moment in our final newsletter of 2020 to share a similar thought.

We're sure you are as tired as we are of commentary that talks about how tough and "unprecedented" this year has been because of the pandemic. Yet, we also acknowledge it's OK to grieve, express frustration, and heartache from everything we as a community and across the globe have endured. The loss of life, jobs, businesses, and a general sense of "normal" has rocked everyone's world. 

Yet, as the quote says, we want to also acknowledge the good. Local communities coming together to help their neighbors. Lessons learned on how to do business differently and even better. And now, the world is starting to get a vaccine that we all hope will make a powerful difference across the world. 

As 2020 ends, the On Time Logistics family wants to wish blessings on the rest of your holiday season and into the new year. We pray you stay healthy, discover joy, and reach out to help those who are continuing to struggle. 

When we look forward to 2021, we hope to see a renewed sense of normal emerge, lessons learned and applied for the good, and as the original newsletter said, we wish all of you more laughter.... and chocolate. 

Safety Bulletin: 
9 Tips for safe winter driving

(Article Courtesy Penske) 

From ice-slicked roads to whiteout conditions, winter weather brings lots of potential hazards. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 17% of all vehicle crashes occur during winter weather conditions. Get ready for whatever the winter of 2020-21 may bring. Follow these tips to keep yourself and others safe on the road:

1. Drive slower than normal! Slow down to below posted speed limits in any kind of inclement weather and maintain a safe distance while following other vehicles.
2. Clear your vehicle of ice and snow. Keep your windshield, windows, mirrors, lights and license plate clear so you and other drivers have maximum visibility. Don’t let snow or ice create additional blind spots.
3. Watch other drivers. This is the time of year when drivers take shortcuts, such as removing just a tiny patch of ice from their windshield and trying to drive with limited sightlines. Look out for erratic driving behaviors and practice safe defensive driving.
4. Know the trouble spots. While roads may be treated with salt or sand prior to a snow or ice storm, bridges often aren’t, and they freeze faster than the rest of the road. Practice extra caution on overpasses, on highway entrance and exit ramps, and over mountains, where driving conditions can change rapidly.
5. Beware of black ice. Don’t assume the road is clear because the air temperature is at or above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. A wet road could be an ice-covered road, even if the sun is out. If the road looks wet and you don’t see road spray, or if you see ice on your antenna or mirror arms, expect black ice on the roads.
6. Don’t forget about wind, rain and fog. They often accompany winter storms. Watch for strong wind gusts, especially when hauling an empty trailer. Use lights and keep your windshield as clear as possible in fog. Watch for hydroplaning during heavy rain. If you hydroplane, take your foot off the gas and steer in the direction you are hydroplaning. Don’t use cruise control in heavy rain.
7. Prepare for emergency. Pack the basics, including extra blankets, food and water. If you get stranded, stay parked and call dispatch or 911 for help.
8. Step carefully. Wear boots with good grip so you can enter, exit and walk around your truck safely. Watch for road hazards as you exit and enter the vehicle.
9. Don’t take unnecessary chances. Keep up with weather reports and if conditions worsen—or if you feel unsafe—stop driving and find a safe place to park. Also, plan for extra driving time due to inclement weather.

Our View: Logistics and the COVID-19 response

Have you ever considered that members of the delivery and courier industry are front-line workers and at risk for COVID-19? This issue came up recently with the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) and officials issued a public statement supporting the idea that couriers and delivery drivers be included in the first round of vaccines.

The leadership team at On Time Logistics agrees with this request. We need to support our medical couriers who are in the hospitals daily as they are at the most risk. Our home delivery teams are at some risk as well. At this point, we think medical couriers should get priority along with the medical professionals who are treating the sick. Here is our recent blog that outlines why we agree and how the logistics industry is so vital to the COVID-19 response. 

Team Member Spotlight: Mary Boushelle

Our customers, employees, and contractors alike have their lives made better by Mary Boushelle, who has been an On Time Logistics employee since June 2016. Mary is our Administrative and Finance Director, which means she handles many aspects of our business behind the scenes. Read our blog featuring Mary. 

Team Member Spotlight:  Heath Woods

In the nine years since Heath Woods started at On Time Logistics, our company has changed a lot. We’ve added new locations, more than doubled in size, and refined our skills to provide the best quality delivery services possible.

Through all the changes, Heath has been a consistently delightful person to work with. We first featured him when we started our blog several years ago, but we decided it’s time for an update. Heath started with us in November 2012 and he serves as a truck driver in our Northwest Arkansas office. Read our latest blog on Heath. 

We update our blog several times a month. It includes company news, team member highlights, industry insights, and more. Read more on our website

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