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Final mile during COVID-19

by Steve Jones, Owner and President 
It's been a few months since I've shared my thoughts in this space but anyone in the logistics and transportation industry will understand why. While cases started showing up earlier, March is when COVID-19 hit this country in full force. 

Many businesses shut their doors, some permanently. The transportation industry was rightfully considered essential but none of us were sure what that would look like for nonessential deliveries. We planned for the worst, but instead, the entire industry ramped up to include deliveries of all kinds. 

This boom, which hit holiday rush standards, created new concerns for the entire industry. The rush allowed for the supply chain's strengths to shine but it also revealed weak spots. It became even more clear how the middleman in the supply chain between the manufacturer and final mile delivery needs adjustments. As e-commerce continues to burgeon, changes are even more vital if we want this industry to prosper and serve its customers in the best way possible. 

The pandemic also has shown another thing we've been saying for a while: promising too much will lead to false expectations that are not feasible. Amazon started offering discounts and deals for anyone willing to not expect their packages within 2-3 days of ordering. 

It is clear that COVID-19 will be around for a while and that it is going to continue affecting our society both directly and indirectly. We are dedicated to finding ways to continue serving our customers! 

Safety Bulletin: 
Navigating Railroad Tracks Safely

(Article Courtesy Penske) 

It takes a 35,000-pound tractor-trailer at least 14 seconds to traverse a single set of train tracks. Trains cannot stop that fast. It takes a 6,000- ton train traveling at 55 mph, a mile or more to completely stop moving.

That is why railroad crossings are dangerous territory for truck drivers and should be approached with caution. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Railroad Administration estimates that tractor-trailers and trains collide more than nine times per week. That doesn’t include many of the near misses.

Use these tips to stay safe when you approach and cross a railroad crossing:
  • Know the types of crossings. Active crossings include warning devices like flashing red lights, bells, and/or gates. Passive crossings don’t have warning devices.
  • Don’t be fooled. Active crossings aren’t safer than passive crossings. Nearly half of all collisions happen at a crossing with properly functioning warning devices.
  • Watch the signs and road. Look for the crossbuck sign, pavement markers and stop bars indicating train tracks are ahead.
  • Always assume a train is coming, even on rarely used tracks.
  • Know what to do at the crossing. Stop anywhere between 15 to 50 feet before the tracks. Turn on your four-way lights. Turn off all fans and music. Roll down your windows. Listen and look both ways. Do so twice if crossing dual tracks.
  • Never ignore warning signals. Driving around lowered gates is illegal.
  • Never race a train. It’s difficult to judge the speed of an approaching train.
  • Develop a “just-in-case” plan. If you see a train while crossing the tracks, keep going, even if the warning gates are down. The gates will break way on impact by design. 
  • Watch for low ground clearance, especially if driving a lowboy, car carrier, moving van or possum-belly livestock trailer. Make sure all landing gear is in the “up” position.
  • Try a new route. If possible, plan your route to avoid railroad crossings.
  • Make sure you get adequate rest and obey all mandatory FMCSA hours-of-service rules so you’re alert on the road.
  • If you get stuck on the tracks, get out of the truck immediately. Move away from the crossing in the direction of the approaching train to avoid flying debris. Call the emergency phone number posted at the tracks. Report your location and the DOT crossing number. If you don’t see a posted emergency phone or DOT crossing number, call 9-1-1.

Team Member Spotlight: Justin Griffith

One of the interesting things about our team members is that they come from diverse backgrounds and industries. For Justin Griffith, one of our newest delivery drivers at our Springdale location, being a delivery driver has been a long-time career choice.

He joined the On Time Logistics Team in March of this year. Learn more about Justin on our blog

We update our blog several times a month. It includes company news, team member highlights, industry insights, and more. Read more on our website

Team Member Spotlight: Jorge Gonzalez

The last few months have been especially busy at On Time Logistics, sometimes almost reaching holiday rush capacity. We always appreciate our warehouse and delivery workers but during the busy times, their reliability is even more vital!

We are grateful for team members such as Jorge Gonzalez, who does warehouse/driver work for us in Northwest Arkansas. Learn more about Jorge on our blog

New Location for NWA Unclaimed Furniture!

Looking for great furniture but don't want to pay retail prices? We have an ever-changing assortment of unclaimed furniture in our showroom in Springdale (1710 S. Powell Street, Springdale) and now in our booth at Midtown Eclectic Mall (308 S Thompson St, Springdale). Some items may have minor imperfections and all items are at great prices. 

Birthdays for August 

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