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Retention is important now more than ever 

The holiday season will be here before you know it and, in fact, toymakers and retailers are encouraging people to start shopping now because of expected supply chain and inventory problems. For the logistics industry, the peak season used to start around early November but that seems to get pushed sooner every year! 

Between the pandemic creating a magnificent sense of urgency in the last mile delivery industry, and the growing driver shortage, a qualified, dependable workforce is vital. Many companies in our industry are focused on hiring, but what about retention? 

We have been in that place of spending money on hiring quickly and not retaining drivers. When we realized that wasn't working, our administrative team created a plan to not only hire quickly but also to retain those drivers. This happened last fall before peak season.

We did our usual annual hiring push for seasonal work but this time, we did it with the intent to retain all the new drivers hired. We hired them as “temporary” but that was not our goal. The plan worked! Now, leading into the final quarter and the beginning of our peak season this year, we have trained drivers who have a sense of ownership in the company. This has allowed our company to expand beyond just the annual peak holiday season. 

This article gives interesting insights into the value of employee retention and offers thoughts on what to consider when creating a retention plan. That's just one example, but ultimately, companies need to acknowledge their employees' needs and address those if they want to quit wasting money on recruiting then losing their hires. 
Congratulations to our Star Driver for the month of August, Heath Woods! Heath started working for OTL in November 2012. We're grateful for his dedication and leadership. Learn more about our Star Driver Award on this blog. 

Safety Bulletin: 
on the Road: Avoid Marijuana and Controlled Substances

(Article Courtesy Penske) 
Drug and alcohol violations bring serious penalties for holders of Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDLs) and Commercial Learner’s Permits (CLPs). A positive test will keep you off the road until you complete substance abuse counseling and receive a negative test. It may even cost you your job altogether.

That’s why the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) urges all professional drivers to exercise caution when considering the use of cannabidiol (CBD) products. While many are sold over the counter for pain relief, anxiety, and movement disorders, some can lead to a positive drug test.
Here’s why:
  • DOT lists all forms of marijuana as Schedule I controlled substances. That means drivers can’t legally use marijuana for recreational or medical reasons, even in states where marijuana use is legal.
  • CBD products contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It’s the primary psychoactive component of marijuana.
  • A THC concentration of more than 0.3% will take you off the road following a drug test.
  • CBD products carry misleading labels. Because CBD products aren’t regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, a CBD product could contain higher levels of THC than the product label indicates.
CBD is not a legitimate excuse for a positive lab test result. Medical Review Officers will verify any drug test at a concentration of 0.3% THC even if a driver claims he or she only used a CBD product. It is the responsibility of the CDL holder to understand and comply with all FMCSA/DOT regulations. This is the law.

Positive drug tests for marijuana remain a problem for drivers. On January 6, 2020, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) launched its Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. It’s a secure online database that gives employers, drivers, and government agencies real-time access to information about CDL and CLP driver violations. From January 6, 2020, to May 1, 2021, the FMCSA recorded 69,565 drivers with at least one drug or alcohol violation.

Marijuana is the No. 1 violation, accounting for 56% of all positive tests. Other commonly found illegal substances include cocaine, methamphetamine, and amphetamine. In all, positive drug tests accounted for 81% of the total violations reported.

The message is clear. Avoid any type of drugs or alcohol, including marijuana and CBD products, so you can stay on the road and keep yourself and others safe. Drivers who want to view their clearinghouse record can register for the clearinghouse. Visit:

Birthdays in September

Kelly Thomas – September 11 – Independent Contract Courier (NWA)
Cynthia Laster – September 26 – Independent Contract Courier (LR)
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