Hi <<First Name>>,

As I mentioned in my previous newsletter, I've been working on a new side project.

I've launched it this week, it's called Hoodpicker.

It allows you to filter Lisbon's neighborhoods based on your lifestyle preferences and budget. 

I published it in a few local nomad/expat Facebook groups on Monday. The feedback has been quite positive so far and people are sharing the site in social media.

Some people are sending me bugs (I'm quickly fixing them), suggestions for filters and other features.

Reddit feedback

After FB groups, I posted it in the r/portugal subreddit and the "fun" has started 😬 The cool thing about Reddit is that if the audience likes it, you can get an insane amount of traffic.

But compared to Facebook, Reddit allows people to give you "negative likes" (called downvotes). My post went well for an hour or so and then it started to get downvotes, negative comments and it was tagged self-promo by the admins.
Reddit is famous for its critical audience, so this wasn't a big surprise. 

This subreddit was in my opinion the most relevant, with a significant number of people (123k) and that's why I posted there. But it's not international, mainly Portuguese people hang out there.

Many locals are frustrated that foreigners increase the prices of real estate in Lisbon and make it unaffordable for people earning local wages. They consider Hoodpicker as a tool that makes this problem even bigger. 

Future plans

One of the most popular sections of the website is "Similar neighborhoods in other cities".

It started as a fun post in the nomad group. My plan is to add all the locations to an interactive map.

Another idea is to add areas outside of Lisbon.

However, the main plan is to add more real estate data to figure out a business model around it. 

If you have any ideas, feel free to reply to this email.

Peter @faborio

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