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I'm sure you have noticed more pictures of people in nature in the last months 🌱

This trend is going to continue with or without coronavirus and is one of the most interesting opportunities in hospitality right now.

Let's have a look at one specific niche today: Airbnb prefab cabins.

There is a huge disproportion between the price of a new prefab cabin and how much you can charge with it per night on Airbnb.

One example:

So I started to dig more into it and found prefab houses on Airbnb for $180 a night, that cost only $35k to buy 🤯

With a good location, the average occupancy rate can be easily 70%+.

Well, you need to have a land where you are able to install a prefab cabin. The permits depend on local land-use regulations. In some specific cases, you don't need permits. But this scenario is less common than most people think.

Funny shady story: A friend of mine from Portugal told me that some people try to avoid hassle with permits (can take months or years, you never know in Portugal) and they simply build without them. Then they get a fine that is relatively low (about $500) and violá, it's all legalized. Not sure if this would work in other countries and I definitely don't recommend trying.

Once you solve the permits and the land is large enough, you can start to scale = add more cabins 📈 

A database of 70+ prefab models rented on Airbnb

I collected plenty of Airbnb prefab houses and matched them with manufacturers. Each house in the database includes a link to Airbnb and a link to the manufacturer, besides other details.
A lot of the tips for Airbnb listings I got directly from the prefab manufacturers I contacted.

They use them as "showrooms".

Some manufacturers told me that they are searching for more lands to buy as they realized that it's actually a good business.

My friends Bruno and Tomás from Special Lodgings helped me to make a spreadsheet calculator where you can easily see the exact ROI of each cabin, considering costs, amortization, seasonality, etc.

There are many hours of work behind this research and I'm exploring an idea to monetize all this information. I never tried to build an info product and I'm curious if people are actually going to buy it.

I need your feedback

So my plan is to sell it as a package "database + calculator" on the Epic Monday website. But I'm not sure how much to charge...

What do you think would be the right price for this info product?
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Thanks a lot! I'll keep you updated ✌️
Peter @faborio

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