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Operating a coworking space is a bad business. 

Commoditized product, tiny margins that put you to the dangerous area every month, hard to scale, long-term commitment. 

The cool part about the coworking business model is memberships (subscriptions!), the pain point is the real estate (monthly rent or bank loan). 

The concept of Neighborhood Work Club allows you to keep sweet memberships and get rid of rental commitments.

Here is the idea
  • Partnering with cafés/restaurants/hotels in off-peak hours 🤝
  • Affordable membership price (about 50$/month) 💸
  • Free drip coffee ☕
  • Strong community vibe 👋 

There hasn't been a better time for starting such a project. People who used to work from the office now work from home. It's not always ideal.

You probably don't want to come back to the office but sometimes feels good to be surrounded by other people working around you, right?

Then you have commercial real estate decimated after the pandemic. Many landords and operators of cafés, restaurants, hotels, etc. are open to hybrid models where you can bring some new type of customers in off-peak hours. 

It scales indefinitely

Thanks to the asset-free approach you can easily scale the model to more neighborhoods or even cities. 

There are many opportunities for upselling other types of services to members. 

I found 2 startups that are trying to do this in some way, both are in the early-stage: Switchyards and Gable

I'd like to support such a project

Unfortunately, I don't have the capacity now to start a project like this by myself.

But I thought that it might be a good idea to leverage my FB group Lisbon Digital Nomads. It's an active community of expats and digital nomads in Lisbon and a great tool to promote such a concept locally. 

So I made a post this week and some people already reached out that they are building something similar or they would like to. Would be cool to see it working and even cooler if I could support it. 

A little secret I wanted to share with you: I always get the best ideas from people who reply to these newsletters. So feel free to do it 😀


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