Hi <<First Name>>,
If you could choose anywhere in the world to live, where would you go?

You now started to think about amazing places that might be connected with your previous travel experiences.

Maybe you already live at such a place (lucky you!). 

It usually gets more complicated when you start to consider your work, lifestyle, partner, friends, politics and so and so. It’s not just about hobbies and the weather, right? 

I've been passionate about this topic for many years, having countless deep discussions with fellow dreamers.

As you might guess, nothing like the best place to live actually exists. 

Your preferences change over time. I always considered myself a city person but over the last years, this perspective has changed. I will maybe end up living in a small village one day. 

Lisbon is a city that I consider one of the best places to live in Europe.

But generalizing this statement for a whole city is wrong.

There are parts of Lisbon that are, for me personally, absolutely awful (for instance places extremely crowded with tourists) but other people have exactly opposite opinions about them. And that's perfectly fine.

A while ago, I gathered opinions of Lisbon's nomads and expats to create a list of the most popular neighborhoods. The feedback was overall very positive but there were anyway few people critiquing the results. 

They were saying that some of the best neighborhoods don't even have a metro, it’s extremely difficult to park there a car and the value-for-money ratio is not ideal when renting an apartment.

No surprise. Most nomads/expats don't have a car in Lisbon, walk almost everywhere, and work remotely (earning money abroad).

Walkable City is one of the books that changed my view of what defines a good place to live and made me even more passionate about this topic. Amazing book, I recommend it to everyone who has at least a little interest in urbanism.

Neighborhood analysis

After reading that book, I started to gather more data and play with an idea to create a tool that can help you to choose the best neighborhood in Lisbon (and later maybe in other cities too) to live in, considering your lifestyle, and budget preferences. 

Some of the data is extremely easy to research (Is the neighborhood next to the river? Yes/No), other much more difficult. 

Thankfully, Lisbon's city hall makes a lot of geodata available and easy to work with (in tools like Google Spreadsheet or Carto). 

Getting real estate data was quite tricky but I luckily got a hand from my friend Tomas from Insidero (API of real estate listings in Czech Republic), who has been helping me to "scrape" all the major Portuguese real estate websites. 

Transferring the data into real use cases

- I've learned that people with dogs prefer neighborhoods with many parks. Surprise :) 

- I'm trying to define how to score a neighborhood by its “family friendliness”.

- I found some interesting insights while comparing real estate data with the “expat/nomad popularity”.

Now I'm trying to transfer this data from my spreadsheet into a usable website, then create some fancy filters. 

There is still a lot of work to do but I'm already excited to share with you the first version of this “tool” in the next weeks.

Peter @faborio

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