Hi <<First Name>>,

It has been 3 months since I launched my first “info product” - a database of Airbnb listing paired with prefab manufacturers.

Who would think that is possible to sell an Airtable database? Well, I was quite skeptical too but wanted to give it a shot. 

I asked myself before the launch:

“Am I going to score at least one sale?”

TLDR: I made $1337 so far.

Quite surprising results to me, considering that I don't really have an audience and I haven't done much marketing:
  • I posted it on my Twitter, Linkedin and this newsletter what created handful of sales
  • Then I shared it in one FB group but they deleted it after 1 hour (8 sales in meantime!)
  • Motivated by this little success I started to post in some other FB groups and subreddits but with not much success, so I stopped
  • Sam Parr, host of one of my favorite podcast, retweeted this post, purchased the database and DMed me "this is sick"

The last one gave me more motivation: I added more houses (100+ now), bundled the database with an ROI calculator, and increased the price to $49 (initially $25). 

It has been a fun experiment so far and I never expected that it can actually reach 4 digit numbers 😀 Also, the conversations with some of the people who bought the database are super interesting - here I got new ideas for other products.

Are you considering selling some data using Airtable?

Here are a few tips:
  • Combine 2+ datasets from different areas
    Nobody would buy a list of prefab houses on Airbnb and nobody would buy a list of prefab manufacturers. But combining them together you get a very unique insight you can't find anywhere else.
  • Try to make it as a subscription
    I’ve been thinking about what value I could add and will motivate people to pay monthly or maybe yearly. Subscription or membership could be a solution. Not there yet. Cyberleads is an amazing example of such a product build on Airtable.
  • Help others to make money or save money
    I've seen some other Airtable products but most of them were just "lists of something". You must clearly communicate the value. My database will give you insights to make the right decision for an investment that is going to be at least 50k and you are planning to make it as a business. $49? Peanuts.

Perhaps the last thing I wanted to share with you today: I was interviewed by Jakob Greenfeld from and we discussed… opportunities in real estate, hospitality, and tech. 
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


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