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Home swapping is a concept that Airbnb made obsolete.

Two people in different locations had to agree on the dates and conditions of the swap.

Too complicated.

Easier to book something on Airbnb, list your own property on the same platform, and make some extra money while you’re traveling.  

Current problem vs. opportunity

I’ll explain it using personal experience as an example and hopefully, you can relate. I live in Amsterdam and I would like to stay, let's say, in Paris for 3 months and work from there.

What can I do with my flat in Amsterdam?

The local laws limit Airbnb rentals to max. 30 days a year and besides, it's complicated. You need to have an agreement from your neighbours and you need to register at the city hall. Renting out your own property is a hassle in most western cities.

I'm going to lose a lot of money keeping my apartment empty. Swapping it with someone who has an apartment in Paris would be ideal—if there is no financial transaction, I'm technically not limited by Amsterdam's short-term rental laws.

Another issue with rental apartments on Airbnb is that they’re not designed for living: I want a very good mattress, standing desk, office chair, oven, dishwasher, fully-equipped kitchen…

New models

There’s a fascinating concept from China that makes renting your apartment while traveling frictionless:
  1. You rent a studio in a hotel with a long-term contract
  2. While you travel, the hotel will take care of renting it short-term
  3. The studio is designed the way that you can hide all your personal belongings
  4. Your monthly rent is discounted accordingly 

The hotel is called Stey and it's in Beijing.

Prediction: This model will soon be copied by many hospitality brands around the world.

Massive adoption of remote work has unlocked many new business opportunities in hospitality. Reinventing home swapping is just one of them.

Here is my deep dive into 8 opportunities, I believe, have the potential to become hot trends:


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