Hi <<First Name>>,
My coworking cabin was designed and build last year. I slept and worked there for 12 days in total when I visited my family in Slovakia.

I never planned to build a cabin.‍‍ ‍

First, I wanted to rent one, then I wanted to buy one.

Here is written a whole process from the initial idea, countless of iterations until the final cabin. 

But the story doesn’t stop here...

I played with a couple of ideas on how to build more of these cabins on scale. My underestimation of the complexity of such a project combined with failing to find the right people to develop it resulted that I gave up with this plan. 

💡 Then I started to explore some other ideas about this topic over the last two months. 

During my research I identified a couple of problems with the prefab houses that are already on the market:
  • I find it extremely difficult to evaluate how professional each manufacturer is
  • Many of them are just portfolio projects of architects to get media attention
  • Very few manufacturers were able to ship the house to my location and if they could, the total price inflated significantly
  • Site analysis, permits, installation, utility hookups - all these things are not core services for the cabin builders
  • The total price of the project was always much higher than the initial estimate
So I'm exploring some ideas around these problems. If you have to build a prefab house/cabin or considering it, let me know.

I'm interested in talking to you ✌️


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