Hi <<First Name>>,

one of my goals for this year has been to become a better writer. 

That's why I started to write a blog about building hospitality products. And that’s where you subscribed to this newsletter.

TL;DR I finished my coliving guide the last week and you can read it online for free.

One of my main concerns about writing in English used to be the fact that I'm not a native speaker.

My lesson learned: If you share unique content, nobody really cares. Also, everything posted on the blog is first edited by a proofreader I work with. 

As you’ve probably noticed, these newsletters are not edited 🙂

After writing a few blog posts this spring, I decided that I should finally start sharing my insights of building a coliving business.

This coliving guide is the largest piece of content I have ever published. Look, some people even like it!

What was my motivation to write a guide about coliving?

Well, I'm not in the coliving business. 

The idea came to my mind when chatting with one of our hotel partners in Surf Office. They told me that operating a coliving business was considered before partnering with us (and focusing on hosting team retreats). 

I started to ask other landlords who wanted to partner with Surf Office, if they considered coliving too. The answer was usually “yes”. So this coliving guide can serve as a backdoor to new hotel partners for Surf Office.

Another reason is that I was feeling confident writing about this topic and luckily, there is not much quality content I have to “compete” with.

Each ebook starts with an article

My plan was to write down everything in one week. Took months. One weekend I outlined the chapters and started to write. After 3000 words or so I realized that it’s a complete mess and I'm stuck. 

Then I changed the strategy and started to publish each chapter as an article. 

After finishing all the chapters, I’ve been contemplating making it larger and publishing it as a book on Kindle. Charge for it or at least to make it as a lead magnet to capture email subscribers. 

As you see, I started to overcomplicate things. So I decided to launch as it was, make it easy for anyone to read online, and gather some feedback.

So how to become a better writer?

Start writing 🙂 And write regularly (at least once a week, ideally more often). I also learned a lot of things by following David Perell on Twitter and reading his blog. David became my writing mentor even he doesn't know that I exist 😄

In the next newsletter, I'm going to share progress about my side projects. It has been a fun ride and I made the first €€.
Peter @faborio

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