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25 years of mixing it up

"And that's just the way it will continue, the digerati ruefully acknowledge ..."

     – Joel Garreau, Thinking Outside the Box (The Washington Post)
treyf 25th anniversary editions
new print and digital editions of old treyf classics

now available at and major online booksellers:
Room Behavior
Death Wish, Starring Charles Bronson, Architect
Games Oligopolists Play

forthcoming April 2014:
Pig City Model Farm
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forthcoming 2014
according to plan
by rob kovitz

In the development of these inquiries into the subject of Architectural Composition, the greatest amount of space has been given to the study of the plan

forthcoming April 2014
capital of the world
by rob kovitz
Robert Macaire, discount broker:
"Here are my conditions."
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treyf books
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