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•  Controlling Chronic Diseases

 A Gift for the Season
•  Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration
•  Immigration Rights Event
• Two-Year Anniversary @ GVS

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Controlling Chronic Diseases 

Many women join VidaSana with hypertension, pre-diabetes, or diabetes. Our team is dedicated to helping members effectively manage those chronic conditions. We are pleased that with proper support, education, and lifestyle changes, the majority of members are improving their health. The graph above depicts the percentage of members with either diabetes or hypertension controlled after participating in our program. 

Community Partnership: A Gift for the Season 

Working with community partners is a priority for our VidaSana team in order to complement the services that are regularly provided to our members. In that spirit, VidaSana, in conjunction with the Elmhurst Community Partnership, secured a Thanksgiving holiday gift basket for one of our members courtesy of the MetsGiving Campaign. In an innovative partnership, the NY Mets teamed up with Fresh Direct, the Community Affairs division of the NYPD, the River Fund, and other community leaders to offer Thanksgiving meals to 50 families in NYC. Maria, the recipient of the gift, is very thankful for this opportunity to provide a holiday meal for her family of six.

Pre-Thanksgiving Member Celebration

Women from the VidaSana community came together to celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Organized by the Volunteers of VidaSana, attendees shared recipe ideas and tips to make holiday festivities healthier for themselves and their families. 

Immigration Rights Event 

VidaSana recently hosted an educational event in partnership with the Emerald Isla Immigration Center and Catholic Migration Services. Over 40 VidaSana members attended and had the opportunity to discuss their concerns and ask questions about pending changes to our nation's immigration policy. The dialogue helped to mitigate some anxiety felt among our community, and also provided a resource for members to better understand their rights. Our top priority at VidaSana is maintaining the community and safe space we have created for all women and their families.  

Two-Year Anniversary at GVS

To celebrate VidaSana's second birthday, over 50 members gathered in our facility in Jackson Heights to reflect upon all that has been achieved since opening our doors in September of 2014. While great accomplishments were recognized, Dr. Diana and the health care team also lead open discussions about upcoming goals for the program, as well as challenges that lie ahead.



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