E Bulletin No. 13, 10 April 2015
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End of the Golden Weather?

I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy a few days break over Easter and got the benefit of a sleep-in at the end of daylight savings. Each season has its pros and cons and it is nice to be able to snuggle under some blankets at night – rather than throw them all off and hope the mosquitoes stay away.

In recent weeks we have been consulting with the Sector on a Ministry of Health draft guideline document on how the Mental Health and Addiction Sector identifies and supports parents with mental health and addiction in their role as parents. The draft Guideline has a working title of ‘Meeting the needs of children of parents with mental health and/or addiction issues’, also called the COPMIA guideline. The draft describes a sector (including services for adults) which takes responsibility for promoting and protecting the wellbeing of children, is strengths based and family and whānau focused.  

This consultation has been welcomed by almost all who have responded, and despite sometimes competing views on the approach or position the document should take, it has been a very positive process and promises to be an important piece of work for the sector over the next few years. All the workforce centres will work together on how we jointly support the broad Mental Health and Addiction sector to implement the guideline when finalised and released by the Ministry of Health.

Warm wishes,

Sue Dashfield

General Manager

Workforce Mahi whakapakari

Expanding the Team
We are very pleased to be welcoming a bunch of new recruits to the Werry Centre Workforce team. We now have 3 new Project Managers on board. In the Christchurch office we welcome Bronwyn Pagey and Michelle Fowler, and in Auckland we have Abigail (Abi) Milnes joining us. All three bring a range of experience and skills to help us drive our work programmes ahead. In Auckland we have also welcomed Stephanie Brown to the administration team, and are very excited to have Luci Falconer joining us in early May as our new Senior Advisor. Luci is a Clinical Psychologist who has been integral to Auckland’s Te Tangata Tonu COPMIA service and I know she is looking forward to working with you all in her new national role. We are also recruiting for a new Māori advisor to work with us. 

Over the weekend 28/29 March the workforce team promoted our online training (E-Learning) and resources to the largely General Practice and Community Practice attendees of the Goodfellow Symposium. Read more...

Teaching Whakaakotanga    

"That’s just a bit queer": Medicine and diversity of sex, gender and sexuality
This course, run as part of Medical Humanities for Year 3 medical students at the University of Auckland asks people to consider how gender diverse individuals have been diagnosed and labelled in years gone by and more recently within society. Reflection and interaction with each other and members of the LGBTI community encourage students to gain a better understanding of their own responses and the perspectives of others. Read more...

Research Mahi Rangahau

PEN Pilot Study
Prenatal alcohol exposure is an established risk for neurodevelopmental deficits in children and represents a substantial and potentially preventable burden of disability and health care costs. The Prenatal Environment and Neurodevelopment (PEN) Pilot Study is investigating the relationship between prenatal alcohol exposure, genetic and epigenetic factors and infant neurobehavioural development. Read more...

New on our website Pae tukutuku

Eating Disorders Resources
We have added more resources related to eating disorders to our website. Check out the resources here (select Eating Disorders under Type of Resource to view the resources).

Journal Club Pukapuka rataka

Focus on Reducing Seclusion and Restraint: A selection of new articles

  • Annual Research Review: Attachment disorders in early childhood – clinical presentation, causes, correlates, and treatment (Zeanah. J Child Psychol Psychiatry)
  • Identifying Autism in a Brief Observation (Gabrielsen TP. Pediatrics)
  • Adverse childhood experiences and adult risk factors for age-related disease: depression, inflammation, and clustering of metabolic risk markers (Danese A. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med)
  • Annual Research Review: Optimal outcomes of child and adolescent mental illness (Costello EJ. J Child Psychol Psychiatry)
  • Bullying and Suicidal Ideation and Behaviors: A Meta-Analysis (Holt KM. Pediatrics)
  • Familial Pathways to Early-Onset Suicide Attempt A 5.6-Year Prospective Study (David A. JAMA Psychiatry)

Jobs Mahi

Check out more jobs in the infant, child and adolescent mental health field 

Events and Training Mahi takune / Whakangunu

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