E Bulletin No. 9, 3 Nov 2014
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Director's Notes Timata korero

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since the last newsletter, in part because we have had a number of changes at the Centre. We have had a number of comings and goings. We have welcomed our new general manager Sue Dashfield, who has joined the team with a great deal of energy and some fresh ideas. Joyce Leevard is back from maternity leave, and Lisa Maughan has just left for her maternity leave. Very sadly, we have received Tania Wilson’s resignation. Tania is taking up an exciting new role as Clinical Director, The Youth Hub, Healthwest. This is a great opportunity for Tania and although we will have the pleasure of working with her in her new role, her departure will leave a big hole in the Werry Centre workforce team. 

We have been busy on a number of workforce projects including Children of Parents with Mental Illness (COPMIA), co-existing problems (CEP) and Drivers of Crime (DOC), upgraded our website and database and have re-worked the information sheets for children, young people and families. On the research side we have launched SPARX  and as of early October there are over 1500 young people registered to use it. We have the TrACY study up and running (with huge thanks to the services taking part). The teaching on the Postgraduate Certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health is coming to an end for this year and we are now taking applications for 2015 (see below). 
Dr Sally Merry
We are aiming for a briefer and more regular newsletter. So please send us your feedback on the new format and check out all the great resources on our new website

We will be back in touch soon.

On behalf of the Werry Centre team

Sally Merry

Workforce Mahi whakapakari

The 6th Annual ICAMHS/AoD Pacific Fono
On 26th September  a group of enthusiastic Pacific Mental Health providers and researchers gathered at Kenepuru for the Fono “Tupu’ga: Home is where we start from”, organised by the Werry Centre Workforce Team and Leveki, our very motivated Pacific Advisory Group. More details...

Teaching Whakaakotanga    

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences – Child & Adolescent Mental Health 
Do you have any new staff who would benefit from core training in child and adolescent mental health?
This Certificate has been offered by the University of Auckland every year since 1998. With over 250 graduates from all over NZ, it is now well known to DHBs and other employers. More details...

Research Mahi Rangahau

The TrACY Study
MATCH (Modular Approach to Therapy for Children) is an evidence-based therapy designed in the United States by Professor John Weisz (Harvard University) and colleagues. It provides a flexible set of treatment modules with which to address the most common childhood mental health problems, namely anxiety, depression, trauma-related symptoms and disruptive behaviour, as well as co-morbidity between these conditions. More details...

New on our website Pae tukutuku

Journal Club  Pukapuka rataka

From this month, we’ll be highlighting a selection of recent articles from peer reviewed journals that may be of interest to you. These will be added to the 'New This Month' page of the Journal Club section of our website. Here you will also be able to find older articles on common mental health topics. These have been kindly compiled by a large group of clinicians and will be regularly updated. 
If you come across other articles that may be of interest,  please send these to and we shall include them. Also, feel free to offer any suggestions on how we can improve this section. In the meantime, please click here to enjoy our first offerings! 

Journal Club Pukapuka rataka

This month's new articles are:
  • Adult Diagnostic and Functional Outcomes of DSM-5 Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (Copeland WE, Am J Psychiatry)
  • Adverse Health Effects of Marijuana Use (Volkow ND, NEJM)
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and attachment: Vehicles for the development of resilience in young people leaving the care system  (Williams AE, Clin Child Psychol Psychiatry)
  • Early recognition and management of fabricated or induced illness in children (Bass C, Lancet)
  • Editorial Perspective: Why is there such a mismatch between traditional heritability estimates and molecular genetic findings for behavioural traits?  (Thapar A, J Clin Child Psychol Psychiatry)
  • Genetic and environmental influences on adolescent attachment  (Fearon P, J Clin Psychol Psychiatry)
  • Impact of the diagnostic changes to post-traumatic stress disorder for DSM-5 and the proposed changes to ICD-11  (O'Donnell ML, Br J Psychiatry)
  • Making an effort to feel positive: insecure attachment in infancy predicts the neural underpinnings of emotion regulation in adulthood (Moutsiana C, J Child Psychol Psychiatry)
  • Prenatal antidepressant exposure is associated with risk for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder but not autism spectrum disorder in a large health system  (Clements CC, Mol Psychiatry)
  • Prevalence, Comorbidity, and Correlates of DSM-5 Proposed Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (Copeland WE, Am J Psychiatry)
  • Psychiatric resilience: longitudinal twin study (Amstadter AB, Br J Psychiatry)
  • PTSD in Children and Adolescents: Towards an Empirically Based Algorithm  (Scheeringa MS, Depression and Anxiety)
  • Research Review: Polygenic methods and their application to psychiatric traits (Wray NR, J Child Psychol Psychiatry)
  • Talking about Death with Children Who Have Severe Malignant Disease (Kreicbergs U, NEJM)
  • Variations in maternal 5‐ HTTLPR affect observed sensitive parenting  (Cents RAM, J Child Psychol Psychiatry)

More details...

Jobs Mahi

Check out more jobs in the infant, child and adolescent mental health field 

Events and Training Mahi takune / Whakangunu

Click here to see our upcoming events and training
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