Newsletter TB no.6 / January 2016
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"We have to make sure we have universal access to diagnosis and treatment for TB patients"

I have always been of the opinion that human resources and the correct empowerment and training of the human resources are absolutely vital when embarking on a journey, if you want to reach a certain level of performance, if you want to make a difference compared to what was previously done.

*Mr. Razvan Vulcanescu, Undersecretary of State with the Ministry of Health
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"The multidrug resistance patients are the real public health problem"

As far as tuberculosis is concerned, the multidrug resistant patients are the real public health issue. Drug-sensitive tuberculosis is a controlled phenomenon, although the number of cases in Romania is very high – Romania is the country with the highest incidence in the European Union.

*Dr. Gilda Popescu, manager of the “Marius Nasta” Institute of Pulmonology

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“I believe mental balance can do wonders for the cure”

We try to help the patients to go through with the treatment until it is completed. Ignorance is the most important factor that makes you stop the treatment, because if you don’t know what tuberculosis is, you most certainly will not give very much importance to the drug dose that you have to take that day.

*Pulmonologist Cristina Popa, from the “Marius Nasta” Institute of Pulmonology
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Tuberculosis control in hospitals

25 supervising physicians, who work under the National Tuberculosis Prevention, Supervision and Control Programme (PNPSCT), in Bucharest, attended the training session “Control of TB transmission in healthcare facilities” organised in November by the “Marius Nasta” Institute of Pulmonology.

The training of supervising physicians is an important stage of a process that seeks to strengthen the capacity of the PNPSCT to prevent and control tuberculosis in Romania.

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“The disease does not discourage me, it makes me stronger”

Liliana G. is 28, she is a real estate agent and in October she was admitted to the “Marius Nasta” Institute of Pulmonology where she was diagnosed with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

I was not even aware that tuberculosis still existed. The doctor here told me: “You are suspected of TB”. I had the tests done and the results showed that the disease was resistant. For me, it was a shock. I did not even know what resistance meant… Then, I found out. I had expected to stay in hospital for three months at most, then to go home and go on with the treatment for six to eight months, but I was told it was going to last longer. I am here since October 18, and I’m supposed to leave mid-December.

I have a degree in psychology and I told myself I had to be able to be in control of this.

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