Newsletter TB no.3 / April 2015
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Start for the training sessions

Between 19 and 22 March, in Bucharest, over 20 pulmonology doctors were trained in TB control, within the project “Improving the Health Status of the Romanian Population through the Increase of the TB Control Capacity”, financed through the Norwegian Grants 2009-2014 within the Program RO 19 – Public Health Initiatives, developed by the Ministry of Health.
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Rapid diagnosis for efficient treatment

At the end of March, 18 specialists from the national tuberculosis laboratories in Bucharest and Cluj and from bacteriology laboratories in Bacău, Constanța, Craiova, Timișoara and Sibiu were trained in using the MGIT960 rapid testing equipment.

"In eight regional laboratories and two national ones – Bucharest and Cluj – we have now the possibility to run genetic testing, in 24 or 48 ours, for the presence of the microbe in the sputum and the resistance of that microbe to the most powerful drugs – Isoniazid and Rifampicine."

Daniela Homorodean, chief of the laboratory within the „Leon Daniello” Clinical Pneumophtysiology Hospital in Cluj-Napoca

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Treatment and enhanced support. 1,000 people with multidrug resistant tuberculosis shall receive treatment not only in the hospital, but also after going home.

One thousand patients detected with multidrug resistant tuberculosis receive quality treatment, starting with March. At the same time, once they go home, they, together with other 500 patients (who receive treatment through governmental financing) shall be monitored by the doctors from the local TB dispensaries, so that they don’t discontinue the therapy. In order to help them cope with the new situation which involves many costs (from those related to healthy nutrition, to support the body, to those related to regular checks which imply travelling to the doctor), all the 1500 patients shall receive, starting with May 2015, monthly social tickets of 80 lei, the main goal being to help them follow the correct administration of anti-TB treatment.

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“I am not as strong as before, yet I drag myself along”

"Last year I spent 9 months here. I am unfit to work, but I am glad I can cook, clean and help my daughter."

"Sunday before I left for the hospital, I cried a lot. Everything was new for me: from an active and healthy person, suddenly I had to be hospitalized."

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