The mission of K.E.E.P. Yalecrest (Keep Educating and Encouraging Preservation of Yalecrest) is to help preserve and protect the Yalecrest neighborhood, designated on the National Register of Historic Places, by providing advocacy, education and recognition of its community, history, landscapes and historic architecture.

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Hello Summer!

Summer Update - July 2021

Dear KEEPers,                                                                                                                        

Happy Summer!  On behalf of the Board we hope that you, your family and friends are in good health, have had opportunities to connect with those you hold dear and are looking forward to the cooler days ahead...  Really has it been hot enough or what.

Like most of us in 2020, we all were rearranging our lives, schedules, work and home environments.  Unfortunately many occasions to "celebrate" were put on hold, cancelled or overlooked ...  2020 marked a 10 year milestone in KEEPS' history... with the genesis of Yalecrest Yes!  which was the predecessor to KEEP Yalecrest.  Though a bit belated I would  like to share this with you now.
In 2010 a group of concerned neighbors in Yalecrest formerly organized a group called "Yalecrest Yes!".  Yalecrest Yes! was formed for primarily one reason - to advocate for Yalecrest becoming a local historic district, a few years after the neighborhood had the honor of being listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

At that time, over 91% of the homes were listed as contributing status. (Which signifies the home is original or the modifications made to it does not detract from the original character)  Unfortunately as prestigious as the designation is, it offered no protection from demolitions.  Two years prior to this designation, the neighborhood saw one of the first demolitions and massive rebuilds with a 10,000 square foot home being built on Hubbard Avenue - nicknamed "The Garage Mahal" - this was an omen of more to come.  

The original supporters of Yalecrest Yes! were:

  • Jon Dewey
  • Lisette Gibson
  • Tracey Harty
  • Jan Hemming
  • Virginia Hylton
  • Cathy and George Kelner
  • Judy Krall
  • Kelly Marinan
  • Sally Patrick
  • Lynn Pershing
  • Kelly White

This group worked tirelessly for two years with the residents of Yalecrest and The SLC City Council to become a local historic district. Unfortunately at the time the obstacles were too difficult to overcome as the Utah State Legislature intervened in this local process.  Below is the original brochure by Yalecrest Yes! created in April of 2010.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to say thank you for making the effort and having the courage to establish the vision forward in working towards preserving Yalecrest and its' historical presence in Salt Lake City.  

Looking forward to 2022, KEEP Yalecrest will be celebrating its' 10 year anniversary.  Much has been accomplished and there will be much to celebrate.

If you're not a member please consider joining and if you are a member, thank you for your support!

…we look forward to seeing you sometime soon and wishing you all a fabulous 4th of July.

Visit us at:

Jill Greenwood


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