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Click to Update – Your fortnightly(ish) update on all things social & digital

Hello, and welcome to Click To Update

Things change so quickly on the web, it's hard to keep up. That's where this email comes in. Alongside our day-to-day work at This Here we've been giving a talk called Click to Update: a rolling 12-month review of all that's happened in digital and social, helping busy brands and agencies keep pace.

A few folk suggested that we reimagine CtU as a regular email, and s
o here it is – a panoply of brief updates, quotes, links and inspiration. We hope you like it. Thanks for clicking.

Tom and Jem
Founders, This Here


Facebook launched last week after opening the platform to third parties at March's f8 event. Users will soon be able to send money to friends, and online retailers will be able to communicate with customers in real time.

Hot on the heels of Meerkat, a live video streaming app that took Twitter by storm, the latter launched its own contender, Periscope, and then promptly started trying to kill off the young upstart. Continuing the aggressive streak, Twitter then cut off third party access to its full "firehose" of all Tweets.

Instagram released Layout following the success of another standalone app, Hyperlapse. This new, iPhone-only release lets users combine multiple photos into a single (square) image – useful for product detail closeups, perhaps…

Also on our radar is Yik Yak, a completely anonymous, location-based messenging app causing mayhem at University campuses and schools across the English-speaking world. Its explosive growth (and investor interest) may yet be tempered by the number of schools now asking for it to geo-fence their grounds.

Uber now accounts for 47% of all business-expensed rides in the US (as tracked by companies using Certify accounting software). Up from 15% last year.
Spotify is to get a further $400m, valuing the company at $8.4bn; the streaming service now has as many active users as there are people in the UK, with a quarter now paying customers. Blimey.
"Just because something can’t be measured doesn’t mean that it’s bad. And just because it can be measured doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing to do…"  – Jon Steel

The Four Horseman
(15 min watch)

“Congratulations you’re going to win awards, those are great. When you’re interested in building your brand, add scale, give me a call, I have more relationships than God on this planet, and I’m on a mobile phone.” – Scott Galloway on Amazon, Apple, Facebook & Google.

Into the Age of Context
(7 minute read)

"Google has a lot of information about me: it knows what “work” is as I spend most of the time there between 9am and 7pm (…) Since I usually take the tube and Google has access to the London TfL data, it knows that I will be late to my next meeting."

Our (longer) take on the last twelve months
(16 minute read)

In our first ever Medium post, we took a much longer look at the past year in social and wider digital, from #NoMakeUpSelfie through to Snapchat Discover.

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